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The “100” scatterers were detained in Baku

Fake from the car window to the streets in Baku 10A person was caught scattering 0 manat banknotes.

Resident of Jalilabad region, S.Sadigov, born in 1996, drove an Opel car belonging to his friend Subhan to Baku-Sumgayit way He started scattering hundreds of manats from the window to the street while moving. Seeing this police officers tried to detain him. But S. Sadigov and The friend tried to get away by car, ignoring the lawful request of the police. After the police chased them, they were caught on Lermontov Street in Sabail district. Although Subhan got out of the car and fled, Sadigov was caught. A large amount of counterfeit manats from the car and dollars banknotes were found.

Agile Police Officers of the regiment got out of the car and detained the fleeing driver in the block of one of the buildings on Teymur Elchin Street in Sabail district.

The detained Sadigov said that, He bought counterfeit money in “Targovy” for 15 manats for 150 units.

About them Sabail District Police A protocol was opened at the 9th Police Station under Article 535 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (intentional disobedience to a lawful request of a police officer) and sent to court.

By the decision of the Sabail District Court, both persons 8 per day was sentenced to administrative detention. (Qafqazinfo)


Azerbaijan news

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