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Apple has announced new useful features for physically challenged users of its devices

Apple company iPhone, iPad and Watch has announced expanded new features for models. In the near future, these devices will receive system updates, and these updates will simplify the process of using devices for physically challenged users. Thus one of the announced functions Live Captions is called. This function converts audio to real-time text format on the screen. Users with hearing problems can watch videos with this method and even FaceTime will be able to communicate with others over. Users, in turn, will be able to adjust the font size of the texts to be displayed and enter answers in text format. Those answers, which will be included in text format, will be transmitted to another person through a standard announcer. The Live Captions feature will be available this year.


It is in English iPhone 11 and in newer models, A12 Bionic or later processor models iPad models and also Apple of the company M running through individual processors included in the series Mac will be supported on computers. Another new feature Door Detection is called. This feature is intended for visually impaired users. This is a function LiDAR will be supported on iPhone and iPad models with a scanner. The Door Detection function will determine for the user where the door is located in this or that space and inform him about its distance.

In addition, the function will tell the user how the door is opened and whether there are special signs next to the door. Physically challenged users themselves Apple Watch 6 and Watch 7 smart watches via iPhone AirPlay will be able to manage over. To do this, they will have to use voice control or other special features. When it comes to special opportunities, an example of this is the determination of the general situation. New fast moves will allow Apple Watch owners to use gestures. For example, it will be possible to receive or cancel a phone call, remove notifications, take screenshots and other standard operations by double-fisting the hand.

Azerbaijan news

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