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“I grew up in an orphanage, spent 8 years in prison”


Son of the late innkeeper and poet Nizami Ramzi Rza Bakhshiyev spoke about what happened after his father’s death.

He was a guest on Nail Kemerli’s winning project.

Rza He said he lost all his family members after his father: “I lost my father when I was 11 years old. He died in a car accident. After my father, my sister, brother and mother also passed away. My mother slept, she didn’t stop. I am the only one alive. “

He spoke about his difficult life: “I stayed in the countryside,” he said. No one owned it. No relative drew me to him. No uncle, no aunt, no aunt, no aunt. I was left alone. What can an 11-year-old child do? With the help of someone, I came to the “Place of Hope” orphanage. I stayed there until I was 18. From there I went to military service. I returned and continued to stay there. I got married. “

Rza said he lived a life of imprisonment: “I worked as a taxi driver for a while. Life went on, I went to prison. I was imprisoned for more than 8 years. 2020I went out in. When I was in prison, artists such as Abbas Bagirov, Konul Karimova, Matanat Iskenderli, and the late Baloglan Ashrafov supported my family. They have always helped me. After I was released from prison, I worked in a “sink”. I even lived in the “sink” for a long time. I didn’t have a place, I wasn’t a castle on the street… Now I rent a small house. I live there now. “

He said his health was not good: “I work in a very difficult situation at Moyka. My money is barely enough to eat. Sometimes I can pay for a month, not a month. I do not want anything from anyone. At least if they provided me with a job with a monthly income… They don’t let me go because I am in prison. Whatever… No one is insured. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. “

Rza complained about the innkeeper Rashad Dagli: “Every time he goes on the air, he says that I am a student of Nizami Ramzi. But not once was he interested in his son. I do not want anything. Even if it’s dry, people are interested in people. “

Azerbaijan news

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