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New information about Apple’s mixed reality device

Still on the Internet since 2015 Apple information about the company’s new product is emerging. Conversation, snowlight reality (AR + VR / Mixed Reality) goes from the device. The Information site own new reportin Apple as part of the process of development of the device by engineers snowprovided insider information about the problems they face. In addition, the journalists provided information about the company’s employees involved in this project, forecasts on the date of sale of the device and its approximate price. So are journalists Apple of the company MX device closely involved in the project 10 conducted a survey among people. Most of them worked in one team. Thus, when the project was launched in 2016, the first prototypes of the device were exhibited to the board of directors of Apple. This was done in order to get more investment from the company for the project. At a later stage, the production of working test versions of the MX device began.

According to one of the employees of the company working on the project, one of the test versions was extremely heavy. Nevertheless, the company’s board of directors supported the project. According to the report, the reason for the long development of the device was due to technical problems. These technical problems, as in previous ambitious Apple products, are due to technologies that have not yet been fully used. The first example of this iPhone model can be brought. However, in addition to the large number of people involved in the iPhone project, directly involved in the design and development of the smartphone Steve Jobs was also present. He is currently the CEO of Apple Tim Cook yes snowsupports light reality device project. However, according to a survey conducted by The Information website among company employees, he does not show the level of active participation in Steve Jobs’ first iPhone model project. For example, according to company engineers, Tim Cook rarely visits the offices where the groups they work for are located.

Former chief designer of Apple Jony Ive and was generally opposed to the project. According to him, long-term use of such a device, in turn, would not be comfortable for future users. At the same time, Jony Ive’s team thought that virtual reality separates people. Perhaps this is why the company has chosen to develop a mixed reality device, rather than virtual reality. It was decided to equip the device with an external screen to ensure that the user can simultaneously see the image displayed on the device and the surrounding environment. The attempt to redesign the device was made in 2019. Journalists promised to provide detailed information about him. It is likely that at that time Jony Ive abandoned the idea of ​​selling a device with a separate powerful computing unit. That’s why Apple has backed the idea of ​​creating a slightly weaker but more compact device in terms of performance. According to unofficial forecasts, the company will introduce a mixed reality device in 2023. And its price 20It can be $ 00-3000.

Azerbaijan news

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