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Prices in the market on horseback – is there a way out of the food crisis?

“According to official statistics, in the first seven months of this year, food prices increased by an average of 5.1 percent compared to last year. At the same time, the price of tobacco products increased by about 6 percent. These processes are nationwide inflation has seriously affected the level of

The statement came from Doctor of Philosophy in Economics Elmir Safarli.

He said that the rise in prices snowCertain promotional projects should be implemented to regulate the prices of domestically produced food products:

“Rising food prices can happen for many reasons. First of all, it should be noted that the highest prices in the last 7 years are observed in the global food trade. Even do it UN-nin Food and the Agricultural Organization own reportnotes in. In this regard, import-dependent countries will inevitably be affected by rising prices for food produced in various countries around the world. Also, the steady increase in food production in Azerbaijan over the past seven months can be directly linked to import prices.

Second, the total mass production of food has been declining over the past two years due to pandemic conditions around the world. This, in turn, affects the price of the product.

Third, the factors that shape the cost of both domestically produced and imported products must be taken into account. In this context, the increase in fuel prices over the past year will directly lead to an increase in the cost of products.

Of course, there are entrepreneurs who artificially increase the price of food. In this regard, government agencies unequivocally brzacarry out control activities to optimize the cost of living. At the same time, it is considered expedient to have certain campaign projects to regulate the prices of domestically produced food products. (

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