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SpaceX has become the most expensive private company in the United States

SpaceX the market value of the company as a result of the resale of shares 125 billion dollars rose. About it Reuters referring to the site’s own sources news gave. Currently, the price of one share of SpaceX is on the secondary market $ 72 contane. This is higher than in October last year. So the value of one share of the company at that time $ 56 and the market value of the company 100 billion dollars was evaluated. New shares will not be issued as part of the re-listing of shares. However, according to a source in Reuters, SpaceX said that this will happen by the end of this year. The number of shares offered for sale was not disclosed. Selling them on the secondary market is a common practice for expensive private companies.

This is for company employees with primary investors of assets liquidity (the ability of assets to be quickly sold (sold) in the market without significant price differences and loss of value). In these sales Elon MuskIt is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It should be noted that it is a SpaceX asset 44%has what. Thus, SpaceX has become the most expensive private company in the United States. It is designed for online payments Stripe service (114 billion dollars market value) left behind. SpaceX is the second most expensive private company in the world. First place TikTokwho owns ByteDance (140 billion dollars market value) occupies the company. According to documents submitted to regulators, SpaceX last month $ 1.16 billion acquired investment. It should be noted that the company has carried out 19 flights since the beginning of this year. Astronauts among the realized flight missions BKSto (International Space Station) and sending different types of cargo into space.

Azerbaijan news

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