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Why Garalov and Mammadov do not report millions?


This road is not called concrete, but a sinking road. Conversation Baku-Quba goes out of his way. That road has been repaired and restored for years, but it collapses every time. On the one hand, due to poor quality road construction, on the other hand, due to heavy trucks, Baku-Russia way is in a state of disarray. Recall that the construction of the road 20It was launched in 08 and put into operation in 2011. At that time, the Ministry of Transport announced that this road would last for 30 years. Because the road was costly, 1 billion 300 million manat was spent. However, it did not take several years for the concrete road to collapse and crack.

Baku-Quba way We present the article related to:

A few days ago Azerbaijan Car The State Agency for Roads reported that Baku-QubaRussia State border with the Federation car The road is being overhauled. The repair work will be carried out starting from the 88th kilometer of the highway in the direction of Baku: “Car The work will be carried out in parts, taking into account the intensity of traffic on the road. Traffic will be completely restricted in the area where the work is being carried out. During the repair work, two-way traffic will be provided in the opposite direction. In order to ensure safe and unimpeded two-way traffic in the opposite direction, additional security measures will be taken in the area, relevant marking lines will be laid and temporary road signs will be installed.

Former Minister of Transport Ziya Baku-Guba, where Mammadov claims about 4.5 million manat per kilometer and a 30-year warranty way it is now being demolished and rebuilt as it has become completely useless. At present, it is difficult for citizens to move in the direction of Baku-Guba. One side of the road is completely closed, and drivers are at risk of accidents due to two-way traffic on the other lane. Move on this road 2020It was also limited due to repair works in The road, built for 30 years, collapsed in a few years. Why did this fact not become the subject of investigation by law enforcement agencies? The key in this matter Ziya Mammadov is considered guilty. Who else is to blame for this? This road was also built by Akkord. What is his share of responsibility?

Transport expert Elmaddin Muradli commented on the issue: “A lot of money has been spent on this road. Because as much money was allocated in the first stage, in the second and third stages, millions were spent on the construction of the road, big money was spent. Of course, the customer was the Ministry of Transport. It does not matter whether the executor is Akkord or other companies. In any case, the law enforcement agencies had to investigate this issue. Because millions of manats were lost to the state and citizens due to the road economy. This is a very large amount of damage. Do it with something compensation impossible to do. The material and moral aspects of this had to be investigated by law enforcement agencies and very serious measures had to be taken. Unfortunately, no legal steps have been taken yet. However, we have recently seen that those who harm the state are identified, detained and prosecuted. The damage caused by them is reimbursed. But I have not witnessed any concrete action on this issue. It is possible that measures have been taken in some format, but the society is waiting for it. “

According to Muradli, this issue must be given a legal assessment: “Because the state snowThere is betrayal, there are false promises. How much the citizens suffered before this road was built. Dozens of people died in accidents when the road was first built. Now the road is closed unilaterally again and serious accidents have already begun. Three people died last week. Even after the road was built, we saw its multiplicity, material and moral damage. Therefore, both Akkord and the damage to the state Ziya Mammadov must pay. “

Lawyer Akram Hasanov also shared his views: “There is a tradition in Azerbaijan that the same roads are repaired every year. These government agencies also do not criticize each other’s work. If a criminal case is initiated and the facts are proved, those persons may be prosecuted for abuse of office and misappropriation of public funds. There must be responsibility for poor quality road construction. The higher body to which the prosecuting authority is subject should initiate criminal proceedings. Or the Chamber of Accounts should inspect the activities of that state body and send the facts to the Prosecutor General’s Office. Citizens themselves should intervene in this process, this issue is the responsibility of government agencies snowshould raise the glass. An e-government budget should be created to prevent such cases in the future. I have repeatedly suggested that Azerbaijan needs an electronic state budget. The e-government budget The budgets of all other government agencies, with the exception of the State Security Service and the Ministry of Defense, must be fully transparent, published online and updated on a monthly basis. A list of all other goods purchased, from ordinary pens and paper, should be published. We, as a society, must be able to control them. Without this, roads will be built with poor quality, as well as corruption crimes snowIt will not be possible to buy the bottle. “

It should be noted that Akkord Group of Companies belongs to former Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov. (Yeni-Musavat)

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