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Another $ 9.5 billion in aid to Ukraine

“We agreed that Ukraine’s financial situation should not affect its ability to defend itself successfully” – German Finance Minister Christian Lindner

The G7 group of the Big Seven pays the salaries of public sector workers and Russia’s intervention snow9.5 to Ukraine so that the struggling government can function normally billion decided to provide economic assistance in the amount of $ 1 billion.

Minister of Finance of Germany Christian Lindner may 20The decision to allocate this amount to Ukraine this week was made by the G7 finance ministers and the center, he told reporters bank was adopted at the summit of heads of state in Germany.

Thus, the organization has so far sent a total of 19.8 to Ukraine this year billion dollars allocated funds.

Lindner said:

“We agreed that Ukraine’s financial situation should not affect its ability to defend itself successfully.”

The funds in question are provided by the United States 7.5 billionA $ 1 billion grant from Germany.

The remaining 1 billion dollars It will be organized by other members of the G7.

“We’ve been through the whole war…”

A joint statement issued by the G7 finance ministers in Bonn reads:

“We will stand by Ukraine during and after all this war and are ready to meet more needs.”

News Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is reported in Canada, FranceIn all the issues discussed by the finance ministers of Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States:

“Russia’s aggressive war is causing global economic disruptions, affecting global energy security, food production, food and agricultural exports, and the functioning of global supply chains in general.”

Prior to this meeting, the US Secretary of the Treasury Canet Yellen and other leaders spoke of the need for additional assistance to help Ukraine withstand Russian aggression.

The latest forecast of the International Monetary Fund states that Ukraine The economy may shrink by 35 percent this year.


Azerbaijan news

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