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Production of EU-95 will start in July – What will be the prices?

“From July, the price of EU-95 gasoline in Azerbaijan will be determined by the Tariff Council.”

This was stated by the chairman of the Public Union “Liberal Economists” Akif Commenting on the rise in oil prices in the world, Nasirli said that, unlike in previous years, this situation is not reflected in the price of EU-95 gasoline imported by Azerbaijan.

Ukraine Oil prices are also rising amid the events and sanctions against Russia. Its cost is increasing.

Thus, the possibility of rising prices for EU-95 gasoline imported to Azerbaijan and the price of which is not regulated by the state is not ruled out. But this process should have happened by now. If not, then the government is subsidizing that imported gasoline. That is, probably due to the growing share of the entrepreneur compensation paid. Therefore, the price of EU-95 gasoline has not risen in Azerbaijan so far.

The point is that in a few months Azerbaijan It will produce EU-95 gasoline. It will be produced domestically in the EU-95 in July.

For this reason, in the current situation, despite the rise in prices in the world, the increase in the price of EU-95 in our country snowglass is taken. Thus, starting from July, the price of EU-95 gasoline will be determined by the Tariff Council.

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