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Russia suspends gas supplies to Finland, Helsinki is not worried

Miki Villanen, CEO of Finland’s state-owned Gasum, said the company was ready for such a situation

Russia to Finland from May 21 gaswill stop exporting.

May not be informed about this 20Finnish state energy company Gasum told:

“Friday, May 20at Gazprom export LLC on May 21, at 4 o’clock in the morning trustmost natural to Finland gasHe said that the transportation of

General Director of Gasum Miki Vilyanen said the company was ready for such a situation.

Villanen explained that in the summer months to Finland gas It will be delivered via the Estonian Balticconnector pipeline.

According to the head of the company, the work at gas stations will continue as usual.

Gasum said on May 17 that Russia will not pay for gas in rubles, as required by Gazprom.

That’s it news of the Gasum Company Russia There are other problems with the supplier.

Gasum appealed to the arbitration on the contract disputes.

Finland has been importing natural gas from Russia for 45 years.

In December 2015, the existing contract was extended until December 31, 2031.

Finland is not so dependent on Russian gas

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree, “unfriendly” countries in Moscow’s opinion should pay for gas only in rubles.

In fact, we are talking about opening special payment accounts at Gazprombank for this purpose.

As before, gas customers have to pay for gas in euros and dollars to Gazprombank.

Here, those currencies are converted into rubles at the rate set by Moscow.

Putin’s order said that the supply of companies and countries that refused to pay for gas in rubles would be suspended.

Gazprom cut off gas to Poland and Bulgaria, which refused to pay in rubles.

Finland after decades of neutrality NATOhas applied for membership.


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