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Support for Ukraine has caused controversy in Azerbaijan

Musavat Party Deputy Chairman Faraj Karimli told RFE / RL that he did not come to Ukraine on his own initiative: “I was invited to consult on some issues. In response to the invitation, I also stated that I would not take part in hostilities and that there would be no financial compensation. They also said that they did not invite him for that purpose. ”According to Musavat, his visit to Ukraine political It also serves the interests of Azerbaijan: “Ukraine Ali Of the Rada deputyı, leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa With Jamilov, Crimean Tatar Milli We met with the chairman of the parliament Refat Chubarov. In the 44-day Patriotic War Ukraine It is also a moral duty to express our support for Ukraine, given that the people and the state unequivocally support Azerbaijan and have always stood by Azerbaijan. ”Lawyer Yalchin Imanov also told RFE / RL that the person was visiting another country only to exchange military experience. Azerbaijan The legislation does not provide for any criminal liability: “Azerbaijan The Criminal Code provides for liability for employment. I mean, Azerbaijan According to the lawyer, Karimli did not call for war to be prosecuted for this: “There is Article 283-1 in the Criminal Code. This article Azerbaijan It is connected with the establishment of a stable group to participate in armed conflicts outside the Republic. However, Faraj Karimli’s exchange of military experience cannot be related to this article in any case.Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24. During this time, a number of cities and towns were destroyed, thousands were killed and millions were displaced. The international community condemns Moscow’s move and calls for the withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine.
Currently, the deputy chairman of the Musavat Party Faraj Karimli Russia visit to war-torn Ukraine social caused discussions in the network and some media outlets. F.Kerimli own Facebook He wrote on his page that he was in Ukraine, did not take part in the fighting, but went there to exchange experience as a soldier. A few days ago Milli Assembly deputyCertain statements by Bahruz Maharramov further heated up the discussions on the issue.
DeputyTuranHe also confirmed in a statement that Azerbaijan citizens in another country on their own initiative Azerbaijan joining the armed conflict without taking into account the position of the state national contrary to interests. He noted that Azerbaijan citizens only Azerbaijan may be involved in military operations outside the country in cases and in accordance with the procedure provided for in the legislation: “There is Article 279 of the Criminal Code, which provides for the establishment of armed formations or groups not provided for by law. Also, Article 114, which includes mercenaries as war crimes.
According to him, therefore, depending on the circumstances of the case, any person can be prosecuted under one of these articles.
MP B. Maharramov “TuranHe also said that he did not know the person named in the article and was not familiar with his activities. Azerbaijan It is against our national interests and the law for the state to join the armed conflict without taking into account its position. ”


Azerbaijan news

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