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The tests of the games have already started

TikTok has started testing its new features. During the trial period, users from Vietnam will be able to play games within TikTok. News about it Reuters site news gave. Through the launched games, TikTok, in turn, will increase advertising revenue and user time spent on the service. It should be noted that TikTok is already monthly 1 billion has an active user base. Vietnam social is an excellent region to test new network functions. So is the population of Vietnam 70%is under the age of 35, and the level of technical literacy of the majority of the population is very high. Therefore, not only TikTok, but also Facebook and Youtube Services are also testing their new features in Vietnam.

A TikTok spokesman confirmed that they were on their platforms HTML5 format mini-games have started to be tested. Such an opportunity Zynga was realized as a result of joint efforts with the designers of famous studios such as However, according to some reports, in the near future within TikTok as well ByteDance Games (developed by TikTok) will also be launched. In the first stages, users will be able to use mini-games with simple mechanics. However, the company’s plans in this regard are much broader. According to the report, advertisements will be made in mini-games within TikTok, and the proceeds from these advertisements will be distributed between TikTok and game developers.

Azerbaijan news

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