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What did Biden want from Baku? – ANALYSIS


US President Co. Biden President Sent to Ilham Aliyev on May 28 – Azerbaijan’s Independence Day holiday The congratulatory message contains important messages about the present and future of bilateral relations. These messages also reflect the new challenges in the region after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, as well as expectations from Azerbaijan.

Holiday The message consists of several parts. Cho Biden USA-Azerbaijan takes a brief look at the 30th anniversary of relations and notes Washington’s important support to Baku in the areas of security and energy. The US leader pays special attention to his country’s efforts to bring the Caspian’s energy resources to world markets and to ensure Europe’s energy security. He recalls that Azerbaijan’s strong position in both areas was achieved with the support of the United States.

Joe Biden’s second message from Azerbaijan to Ukraine political and praised its humanitarian support, including oil shipments. Washington expects Baku’s support to be consistent. One of the key points here is that the United States does not consider Azerbaijan one of the countries in Russia’s orbit and encourages it to provide more systematic assistance to occupied Ukraine.

To US President Ilham Aliyev holiday The congratulations were sent 1 week ago, and this “haste” is not accidental. Because Biden’s main messages are in the later parts of the congratulatory text.

“Now is a time of hope, an important opportunity to achieve lasting peace in the South Caucasus. The United States will allow the entire Caucasus and Trans-Caspian region to prosper Azerbaijan is ready to help intensify diplomatic contacts between Azerbaijan and Armenia and establish economic, transport and interpersonal ties between Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan ”– the US leader wrote.

Tomorrow, May 22, in Brussels Europe With the participation of the President of the Council of the Union Charles Michel Azerbaijan and Armenian leaders to meet It should be noted that two previous meetings in the same format ended with optimistic statements, but no results could be achieved. Specifically, the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan twice Russia He had contacts with the President, as well as Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan, who met with his Russian counterpart several times. After the visits of Armenian officials to Moscow, Yerevan’s rhetoric has hardened and the positive mood in Brussels has been replaced by unconstructive conditions. Thus, in response to Azerbaijan’s five-point basic proposals for peace talks, Armenia made six proposals. The Foreign Minister stated that the peace agenda cannot be determined unilaterally. The six proposals put forward by Yerevan do not refer to the Brussels statements, but to the trilateral statements reached through Russia, but not implemented. There are also proposals that irritate Baku, such as the status of Karabakh Armenians and the conduct of the negotiation process within the Minsk Group. The opposition in Armenia lasted for weeks protest The protests also strengthened Pashkina’s arguments.

In this context, on the eve of the meeting in Brussels, the US leader offers Azerbaijan its support to maintain and strengthen the position of peace. Because Armenia’s slippery, unconstructive position and repeated violations of the adopted statements carry Baku’s patience. Experience shows that Azerbaijan has enough leverage to force Armenia to negotiate. The United States wants Ilham Aliyev to exercise restraint and not to strike at Armenia, which would weaken Pashkina in domestic public opinion. Figuratively speaking, Biden Pashinyan, who is under severe pressure from Russia, asks the government to give him another time.

Another important message of the US President is related to human rights and freedoms and democratic development in Azerbaijan. “We call on Azerbaijan to take purposeful steps towards democratic governance and reforms that protect the rights and fundamental freedoms of all Azerbaijanis.”– is emphasized in the text. Azerbaijan These statements, which are circulated in the society, are a manifestation of the policy pursued by the Biden administration in the world after coming to power. Washington considers democratic governance to be a fundamental principle of interstate relations, as well as global cooperation Azerbaijan calls on the leadership to carry out serious reforms. It should be noted that a pardon order is expected to be signed in Azerbaijan on May 28 in connection with Independence Day. Biden’s early congratulatory letter will be pardoned political It is not ruled out that it will affect the scope of prisoners and expand it. In any case, Baku is expected to respond to the US request.

Finally, the US leader offers Azerbaijan its support to protect itself from Russian pressure. “Ukraine snowIn this period of global instability, in which the United States has sought to undermine the main pillars of international security through the Cold War, the United States reaffirms its support for Azerbaijan’s independence and sovereignty. we snowWe want to expand our relations in the coming years and decades “– the letter says.

Here is another of Washington’s main expectations from Baku: Azerbaijan Russia must continue its policy of integration into the Euro-Atlantic space without hesitation. Of course, Azerbaijan The leadership has repeatedly stated that the policy of integration with the West is conducive to the country’s independence and sovereignty snowIt promises certain dangers from Russia. The US leader writes that Moscow’s previous pressure has weakened, while Washington’s support, on the contrary, is now more decisive. Therefore, it is time to unhesitatingly revitalize the course of Euro-Atlantic integration in parallel with domestic reforms.


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