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Actor Norman Reedus has confirmed the production of ‘Death Stranding 2’

The Walking DeadActor known from the series Norman Reedus In an interview he gave a few days ago, “Death Stranding”Confirmed that work is underway on the second part of the game. “Death Stranding 2“Norman Reedus was canceled during the interview, although it was not officially announced”Silent Hills”About how he agreed to play the protagonist in the game and how he worked on Death Stranding. At the end of the interview, he noted that the preparation phase of Death Stranding 2 has already begun. It should be noted that still 2020In March, the famous actor noted that he had produced Death Stranding Kojima Productions head of the studio Hideo Kojima is in talks with Russia to work on a new project.

In August last year, Reedus said that negotiations on Death Stranding 2 had already begun. It should be noted, Konami Death Stranding was Kojima Productions’ first game since leaving the company. Game SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) sponsored by the company and exclusively in November 2019 Playstation 4 was put up for sale. 8 months after its release for the Playstation 4 505 Games his company called PC released the version for. It should be noted that some time ago, Hideo Kojima’s team moved to a new office. Officially, Kojima Productions is currently working on 3 projects. The first of them is an anime, the second is a small game with an unusual concept, and the third AAA level is a new game.

Azerbaijan news

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