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After the media reported, the school stopped collecting money

In connection with the official inspections of schools in the city news As soon as it spread, the directors suddenly stopped collecting money

Many schools in Turkmenistan have stopped collecting money from parents. Residents of Ashgabat told RFE / RL’s Turkmen Service. Independent media reported on illegal fundraising.

According to residents, education and law enforcement officers have recently visited many schools in Ashgabat and apparently investigated allegations of illegal money laundering.

85 of school graduates dollars

Azatlyk wrote that students were asked to pay for school repairs at least once a year. The amount collected varies from school to school, 28-42 per student dollars it was said to have been taken. But 85 students graduated from school this year dollars required, parents say.

“Freedom news Representatives of the Ministry of Education and prosecutors went to schools in Ashgabat to investigate the allegations. – one parent tells the radio.

RFE / RL has not received an official comment from the country’s officials.

Students are required to…

In connection with the official inspections of schools in the city news As soon as it spread, the directors suddenly stopped collecting money.

“Now teachers are asking students who have already paid to say that someone wants it.” – says one parent. According to him, the students told RFE / RL and other media information instructed not to give.

“Teachers threaten students with serious consequences”, – added the parent, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Authorities in Turkmenistan are intolerant of criticism.

New in many schools in Ashgabat and other cities in recent weeks president Sardar BerdimuhamedovMoney is also collected to buy flour portraits. He is his father after the March elections Gurbangulu Berdimuhamedovu president replaced in the post.

Large portraits of the President of Turkmenistan are hung in schools, offices, buildings and billboards in the country.

The European-based independent website Chronicle also confirmed that the practice of fundraising had been suspended in at least three schools in Ashgabat in recent days.

Repair money

Instead, parents are asked to paint, brush, and affordable materials to repair schools. According to the website, there is no pressure on poorer families.

In Turkmenistan, schools are usually repaired during the summer holidays. According to sources, the government does not allocate money for repairs, so the school administration is responsible for raising funds.

Class teachers are responsible for raising money. According to the parents, class teachers who are unable to collect the amount assigned by the administration must pay the balance from their own pockets. Otherwise, they are either fired or transferred from full-time to part-time.

Parents claim that when teachers are not paid, their children receive low grades.

Due to the poor economic situation in Turkmenistan, illegal bullying in schools is a problem for many families. Mass unemployment, food shortages and poverty are rampant in the country.


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