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Alakbarov’s claim: “Russian oil will not be replaced”

Europe The union will not replace Russia as an oil supplier in the medium term.

This was announced by Lukoil Oilgas former head of the company Vahid Alakbarov said in an interview with the Financial Times.

According to him, to Russia snowThe imposition of an oil embargo will be the worst possible scenario for both sides.

“It’s not a natural process like decarbonization coronavirus is not a short-term consumption crisis that occurs during a pandemic. This is an extremely severe energy crisis that will have negative long-term consequences for all market participants. Russia It will take years to build a new infrastructure that will allow it to divert oil supplies to other countries.

Russia 2020As in the beginning of the pandemic in, oil production will have to reduce wells, because all Europe it is not possible to direct the volumes overnight. While the global energy configuration has been built by many generations of professionals over decades of investment and hard work, military conflicts can end quickly. There is no need to shake and destroy them all. “

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