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Father: “Selim’s health is very bad …”

“We can’t come to our senses after hearing Selim’s news. They said his health was very bad. We have been crying since yesterday, we can do nothing but pray. “

This is the former labor and population social father of Defense Minister Salim Muslimov January Muslimov said. He explained what disease his son was suffering from: “Selim had problems with blood pressure and diabetes. We have inherited these diseases. My father also died of pressure. When my younger brother was studying at Narkhoz, he fell ill at a young age. Although I do not speak for myself, the children are from doctors news receives. It is said that blood pressure and blood sugar are very high, but doctors do what is necessary. I seek refuge in God, I hope they will recover. “

It should be noted that Muslimov has been in prison for more than a year. He was detained by the DTC in February last year. The former minister was charged under Articles 308.2 (abuse of power with grave consequences), 311.3.2 and 311.3.3 (repeated large-scale bribery) of the Criminal Code. A few days ago, he was transferred from the DTX detention center to the Penitentiary Service’s treatment facility due to health problems.

S.Muslumov Labor and population in 2013-2021 social worked as Minister of Defense. (


Azerbaijan news

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