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“The West is interested in a full solution to the conflict, but Russia is not”

“The position of Azerbaijan and Armenia is close to the position of the West”

“In the coming days, Armenia-Azerbaijan The first meeting of the border commissions of the two countries will be held on the border. The parties will discuss all issues related to the delimitation of the border and how to best ensure a stable situation.

That’s it Europe President of the Council of the Union Charles Michel in Brussels Azerbaijan Presidents Ilham Aliyev and at a press conference following a meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan he said.

Charles Michel stressed that the discussions were sincere and productive.

He added that all issues were considered during the discussions:

“Our humanitarian issues, including mine clearance and detainees free We had a detailed discussion about making. We also touched on the fate of missing people. “

According to the diplomat, in connection with communication, the leaders agreed on the need to continue work to open transport links.

“They are in the western part of Azerbaijan with Nakhchivan and Azerbaijan agreed on the principles governing transit through the territory of different parts of Armenia, as well as international transport through the communication infrastructure of both countries. In particular, in the context of international transportation, there was an agreement on the principles of border management, security, as well as customs duties and regulations. In the coming days, the deputy prime ministers will continue this work, “he said Europe The President of the Council of the Union said.

As for the peace agreement, Charles Michel said that the leaders are with Armenia Azerbaijan agreed to continue discussions on a future peace agreement regulating interstate relations between:

“In the coming weeks, delegations led by foreign ministers will continue this process. Continuing, I appealed to both leaders, emphasizing that I think it is important to resolve the issue of the rights and security of the ethnic Armenian population in Karabakh. “

O, Europe He said that the Union would work with the parties to develop the work of the Economic Advisory Group, which seeks to promote economic development for the benefit of both countries and their peoples.

“I also stressed the importance of preparing the population for a lasting peace, and the European Union stands ready to strengthen its support.”

Charles Michel also said that they will meet again in the same format in July-August.

This was the third meeting of the President of the Council of the European Union Charles Michel with the parties in this format.

The previous meeting was held on April 6.

Deputy Elman Nasirov said the parties discussed for 5 hours.

He said that the term Nagorno-Karabakh was not used in the final statement:

“But the term Karabakh has been used. At the same time, border commissions plan to meet soon to discuss delimitation. The two countries also agreed to continue the process of launching the Zangazur corridor in the direction of transport and communications. At the meeting Azerbaijan The President also stressed the need to clear the area of ​​mines against the background of humanitarian issues. This was due to the provision of accurate maps. Maps with an accuracy of 25 percent, of course, complicate the situation. Azerbaijan The head of state also reminded that about 4,000 Azerbaijanis went missing in the First Karabakh War.

As for Charles Michel’s statement that “it is important to resolve the issue of the rights and security of the ethnic Armenian population in Karabakh,” Nasirov said that Armenia political In the past, the leadership often used the term Nagorno-Karabakh in the negotiation process and raised the issue of the region’s independence:

As for Charles Michel’s statement that “it is important to resolve the issue of the rights and security of the ethnic Armenian population in Karabakh,” Nasirov said that Armenia political In the past, the leadership often used the term Nagorno-Karabakh in the negotiation process and raised the issue of the region’s independence:

“They did so on the basis of the right of peoples to self-determination, and at the same time promoted the OSCE Minsk Group. Now we are witnessing a completely different picture. Charles Michel’s statement also does not mention the independence of the Armenian population in Nagorno-Karabakh. On the contrary, the security, rights and freedoms of the Armenian population living in Karabakh, which is an integral part of Azerbaijan, are revealed.

Elman Nasirov said that despite the pressure of revanchists, Armenia has completely changed its position on these issues:

“We are talking about the security of the Armenian population inside, not outside Azerbaijan. President Aliyev’s principled position on this issue is that Azerbaijan It is a multinational state, all nations have equal rights, and the Armenian people will have the same rights as us. Our state is also a guarantor of this, we cannot talk about it without another approach, and we are a multicultural state. “

Political scientist Shahin Jafarli also believes that in a certain part of Charles Michel’s statement, the conversation did not go beyond the administrative status:

“One of the main provisions of the peace agreement, which will put an end to the solution of the problem in the future, should be the issue of the future of the Armenian population of Karabakh. That is, their safety and normal life must be ensured. Charles Michel’s statement also envisages this point. “

Shahin Jafarli says that the European Union and the West are forcing Azerbaijan to give administrative status to the Armenians of Karabakh:

“Security and reintegration of local Armenians into other parts of Azerbaijan should be discussed. Probably, these will be taken into account in the process of drafting a peace agreement. Azerbaijan The leadership has repeatedly stated that the rights of Karabakh Armenians Azerbaijan Ready to provide within the framework of the Constitution and laws. Of course, additional details may emerge during the process. What specific rights are granted, for example, Azerbaijan declared its readiness to grant cultural autonomy. Ways to implement this will probably be discussed. “

According to Jafarli, the format of yesterday’s meeting has become a tradition:
“Because the parties have agreed to meet in July and August. The important point here is that Baku and Yerevan accept and support Western interference in the process. In other words, both sides do not want the peace process to proceed only under the dominance of Russia. ” Shahin Jafarli says that, in fact, the process goes hand in hand with both Russia and the European Union. Basically, both sides ask the same questions, but the main difference is that the West is interested in a complete solution to the problem. Russia He separated the peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia from the Karabakh issue.

“Moscow says we will look at the status of Karabakh in the future. I mean Russia He is not interested in putting an end to the conflict, he wants it to be postponed. But the West, on the contrary, is interested in a definitive solution to the problem. It seems that Baku and Yerevan are also closer to the West’s position, “Jafarli said. According to the expert, Azerbaijan’s position was already clear, and after the war it was stated that we were interested in signing a peace agreement:

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