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Crimea without tourists

The railway is not an attractive option for Russians living in the Urals, in the Far East, because in this case it takes several days.

The Crimean resort area on the Black Sea coast boils before the summer season, but not with tourists.

RFE / RL’s Crimea.Realities”Portal on the warm, sandy beaches of Crimea Russia writes that military fighters and helicopters flew. They are involved in Moscow’s war in Ukraine, and the tourism sector, which is the bread and butter of the locals, is under control.

Head of the Russian tour operator “Dolphin” Sergey Romashkin In Kremlin-controlled Crimea, hotel reservations have dropped by 40 percent this summer compared to last year.

50 percent reduction

Other representatives of the travel industry say demand has fallen by 50 percent this year.

In 2014 Russia He annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region and began supporting separatists in the east of the country. And on February 24 this year Russia Began to occupy Ukraine.

In May, very few tourists were spotted in Feodosia, in eastern Crimea. Catering facilities, which usually serve Russian guests, are empty. This was stated by a local blogger who works with RFE / RL.

Russia has closed the skies of Crimea to civil aviation since the start of the occupation.

Russian forces have lost thousands of troops and hundreds of equipment in fierce resistance in Ukraine. The war is now in its fourth month, and Russia, facing a trench war in the Donbas, has been forced to extend its ban on civil aviation over Crimea.

Bridge, railway

Crimea can accommodate 7 million people with the main Simferopol airport. Russian tourists now have to travel to the peninsula by train, bus or Crimean bridge.

According to Kommersant, 2.5 million people can travel to Crimea via the Russian railway system.

Also, the railway is not an attractive option for Russians living in the Urals, in the Far East, because in this case it takes several days.

War also discourages those who can travel by rail or highway. “People are afraid that the bridge may collapse when they cross the bridge by car,” he said. – Russian blogger living in Crimea since 2014 Alyona Bardovskaya he says.

The 19 km long bridge was built after the annexation of the peninsula.

Economical situation

Bardovskaya sees other reasons discouraging tourists from traveling to Crimea as the lack of transparency in the job market.

Experts predict that the Russian economy will shrink by 15 percent this year and unemployment will rise. The United States and its allies have imposed heavy financial and technological sanctions on Moscow over its attack on Ukraine.

The sharp decline in tourism sounds devastating for locals. Residents earn most of their annual income in the summer, working as a guide, waiter, salesman, and hotel attendant.

“For many Crimean people, a successful holiday season means a good start to the coming winter. Now there is great concern in this regard. “ – Writes a Crimean blogger who collaborates with RFE / RL.


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