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Instagram has created its own exclusive font called Sans

Instagram has announced a major overhaul of its brand. Actually, in fact social The network has updated some marketing materials and made minor adjustments to its logo. However, there is a more important innovation. So that, social in network marketing and within the application itself Instagram Sans decided to use an exclusive font called. According to the report, the photo service was inspired by its logo in the creation of an exclusive font called Instagram Sans, and the font created thus reflects the company’s commitment to simplicity and art. The inspiration process is mostly a combination of rectangles and circles. It should be noted that Instagram offers English versions of these words (squares and circles) by combining unit squircles uses the word.

According to Instagram, the company has worked with linguists to select a font that best reflects as many languages ​​as possible (including Thai and Japanese). In some fonts, while the letters are only selected with individual unusual elements, the individual characters in Instagram Sans Script look really unusual, and yet combine forms that are pleasing to the eye. In addition, some character combinations do not look like classic letters at all. The main feature of Instagram Sans is its unique originality. Instagram hopes that users own Stories and Reels will use this font in their shares. Those shares that will be added to the articles to be written in the font in question TikTokIt will not be possible to confuse with the videos from.

Azerbaijan news

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