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One chief executive … 6.3 million manat was taken from William Hajiyev’s house and workplace

The amount of money taken from the apartment and office of the arrested former head of the Imishli District Executive Power William Hajiyev has been announced.

The figures are included in the indictment.

The indictment states that the accused was found during the inspection of the apartment and office room belonging to V. Hajiyev. BankAt the rate of 6 298 834 manat equivalent to 2 504 057 US dollarsand 1,006,470 euros, 365 British pounds, 60 Swiss francs, 455 Turkish lira, 1,970 UAE dirhams, 19,350 Russia foreign currency in the form of rubles and cash in the amount of 6,554,384 manat in the amount of 55,550 manat to the state bankwas handed over to the investigation body for handing over.

Note that 2020On May 5, 2012, on the basis of a court decision, the State Security Service carried out operative-investigative measures at Hajiyev’s residence. He was later arrested.

179.3.2 of the Criminal Code (large-scale embezzlement or waste, 308.1 (abuse of power, ie illegal acquisition of an official advantage for himself or third parties in connection with the performance of official duties) intentional use of his official powers for the purpose of doing so, contrary to the interests of the service, or failure to use it in the interests of the service, causing significant damage to the rights and legitimate interests of individuals or legal entities, or the legally protected interests of society or the state), 311.3.3 ( He was charged with bribery (passive bribery), large-scale bribery) and Article 313 (forgery).

His case is currently being considered by the Baku Court of Grave Crimes. (Report)


Azerbaijan news

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