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Putin is starving millions of people


Source: The Washington post

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The Washington Post Russia writes that President Vladimir Putin is starving millions of people around the world.

Published on behalf of the editorial board of the newspaper “Putin millions of people around the world acThe article titled “breaks Russia leader’s brutality is growing day by day: “Ukraine is waging a completely baseless war, its hands are drenched in the blood of Ukrainians Putin but is also responsible for the growing hunger around the world.

Ukraine It is the breadbasket of much of the Middle East and North Africa. Putin to work Ukraine prevents the transportation of grain through the port of Odessa and other major routes of the Black Sea. The result is terrible: in the world brzaThe price of gold has reached its highest level in all time. Currently, 276 million people suffer from food shortages. This is twice as much as in 2019. ”

People in Sri Lanka because of the global food crisis created by Putin per day A helpless father told Reuters that he was standing in line for food at the warehouse door.Ac“After Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, food prices have risen sharply, and Sri Lankans can’t keep up,” the Washington Post reported. The government does not have enough funds to help the population. For the first time in history, Sri Lanka has avoided paying its debts.

“Whether most developing countries will face mass starvation this year or next depends on the next steps Putin takes,” the paper said.

World leaders are urging Putin to allow grain shipments from Ukraine to at least feed tens of millions of people in countries dependent on foreign products, such as Sri Lanka, Burkina Faso, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt, Tunisia and Cameroon.

UN“If you feel sorry for the rest of the world, regardless of your attitude to Ukraine, you should open these ports,” said David Bizley, head of the World Food Program, at a meeting with the Business Development Support Society.

UNThe World Food Program imports about half of its grain from Ukraine. That is why the closure of the ports of David Bizley millions of people around the world acthinks he will kill you.

The Washington Post writes that Putin not only obstructs cargo transportation in the Black Sea, he even Russia ships Ukraine “Many countries have refused to buy stolen goods,” he said. The stolen grain was sent to Syria, one of Putin’s few allies.

Hundreds of Sri Lankan university students marched on May 19 demanding the resignation of the country’s president.

At the same time, a number of countries have moved to send more money and food aid. The U.S. government is turning the food crisis into a mass famine snow2.6 to get the bottle billion dollars allocated funds. U.S. senators have called for food and humanitarian assistance as part of a law on aid to Ukraine billion voted to allocate about $

But for now 20 million tons of grain and snowThe food is stuck in warehouses in Ukrainian ports. The world is powerless to solve this problem. “Putin’s war is about to turn into a global famine created by Putin.”

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