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Russia’s war in Ukraine is in its fourth month

Russia Siversky is located on the banks of the Donets River, 10Attempts to lay siege to the city of Severodonetsk, which has a population of about 0,000, while intensifying attacks on Lischansk and Rubijne

On May 24 Russia forces intensify operation in eastern Ukraine’s Luhansk region Moscow is trying to strengthen and expand its territory in the Donbas and the southern coast of Ukraine.

The conflict is in its fourth month. President Volodimir Zelenski He warned Ukrainians that several weeks would be harsh, especially in the Donbas.

Local success

Zelenski told the World Economic Forum in Davos on May 23 that Russia During the first three months of the war, it fired about 1,500 missiles and more than 3,000 airstrikes at Ukraine.

Britain According to intelligence reports on May 24, Russia is located on the banks of the Siversky Donets River. 10It is trying to lay siege to the city of Severodonetsk, which has a population of about 0,000, while intensifying attacks on Lischansk and Rubijne.

According to the report, Russian forces achieved some local successes in the area with intensive artillery fire, but faced strong resistance from Ukraine. It is said that this segment of the front remains under the control of Kiev.

Severodonetsk eclipse…

Russia’s capture of Severodonetsky means the occupation of the entire Luhansk region.

“The next few weeks will be a difficult period of war, we need to know that,” he said. Zelenski said in a speech Monday night.

Prior to his speech, provincial leaders and residents said the east was heavily bombed.

“The most difficult fighting situation today is in the Donbas”, Zelensky mentioned the cities of Bakhmut, Popasna and Severodonetsk. Baxmut Ukraine became the command center of the forces.

Governor of Luhansk Sergey QaydayRussia is trying to capture Luhansk with 12,500 troops, he said. Gaidai Severodonetsky said that the Russian bombing had caused great damage, and that at least four people had been killed in the shelling of a high-rise building in the city.

If the front line is drawn to the west…

Britain According to the intelligence, if the Russians can draw the front line west of the Donbas, then the communication lines will be overloaded and will cause additional logistical re-supply difficulties.

Zelensky warned at the Davos forum that slow military assistance was causing unnecessary deaths, and that Ukrainians were “paying a high price for freedom and independence.”

He said 87 people had been killed in a Russian attack on the northern city of Desna earlier this month.

Kyiv Zelensky said he was ready to exchange prisoners with Russia “even tomorrow” and called on his allies to put pressure on Moscow. He called for an international embargo on Russian oil, for all banks snowHe called for punitive measures.

An oil embargo is expected

Europe More than 27 members of the European Union (EU) gasdepends on Kyiv The bloc condemns Russia’s failure to act quickly to cut off supplies.


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