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The former president was detained on charges of treason and corruption

Dodo’s brother-in-law Petru Merineanu was also detained. He is said to want to swallow some of the evidence

Anti-corruption prosecutors Former President of Moldova Igor DodonThey searched his house in Chisinau and detained him.

2016-2020in the years president Russia-backed Dodon corruption, illicit enrichment, criminal organization political suspected of accepting donations and treason. Local media reported this to the Prosecutor General’s Office Maria Cherpeçwrites with reference to.

The post of Prosecutor General of Moldova execution who Dumitru Robu He said Dodo was detained for 72 hours.

The party denies the allegations

Dodo’s brother-in-law Petru Merineanu also preserved. He is said to want to swallow some of the evidence.

Members of Dodo’s Socialist Party held a press conference to deny the allegations. Poverty and they draw public attention to what is happening social They called it a “two-penny show” that seeks to divert attention from issues. Party members called for protests.

Dodon 2020In November, he became a pro-Western politician educated in the United States Maya Sanduor lost. Sandu is in favor of closer ties with the West.

Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, in March, Russia After the unjustified attack on Ukraine Europe He officially applied to join the union.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees from neighboring Ukraine have fled to Moldova.


Azerbaijan news

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