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The Hubble Space Telescope has been used to determine more precisely how fast the universe is expanding

NASA Hubble new, considered the greatest work of the space telescope reportpresented i. By analyzing the data obtained by the telescope over the past 30 years, scientists have been able to determine more precisely how fast the universe is expanding. Scientists have long known that the universe is expanding. This result was obtained by observing galaxies in time. Thus, the farther away galaxies are from us, the faster they move. Of galaxies To the earth the speed at which they move relative to their distances Hubble is fixed is called. To obtain a more accurate indication of the Hubble constant, scientists observe distances to objects whose brightness is well known. As a result, the lower the brightness of the object, the farther away it is from us. This is one of the cosmic indicators used to determine the distances to nearby galaxies are sefeid stars (brightness class of changing stars). These are large yellow radiant giant stars with high brightness.

Hubble is an indicator that combines the distance to a fixed galaxy with its speed away from Earth. Hubble is fixed meqaparsek on km / s (kilometers / second) is marked as. 1 meqaparsek to work 3.3 million light-years is equal to. Research over the past decade has led scientists to conclude that Hubble’s constant megaparsec 70 km / h contane. This means that a galaxy at a distance of 1 megaparsec from the Earth is moving away from us at a speed of 70 km per second, and as the megaparsec increases, the speed of the galaxy away from us will increase by 70 km / h each time. Now, NASA experts have analyzed data from 42 galaxies observed by the Hubble Space Telescope over the past 30 years. Thus, they wanted to determine a more accurate indicator of the Hubble constant.

As a result, NASA experts have determined a more accurate indicator of the Hubble constant in a new study. Thus, according to the obtained result, Hubble on a fixed megaparsec 73 km / h contane. In addition, the scientists noted that the possible error in the result is simply a megaparsec 1 km / h contane. According to scientists, the determination of a more accurate indicator of the Hubble constant, in turn, will improve the cosmological model, more accurately estimate the age of the universe and better predict its future. However, there is a mystery in this issue that scientists have not yet been able to find an answer to. So that, Lambda-CDM The modern cosmological model assumes that the index of the Hubble constant is in megaparsecs 67.3 km / h should make up. According to the theory put forward by scientists, the Hubble constant may be larger in our local universe and smaller in distant parts of space.

Azerbaijan news

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