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The new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 smart bracelet has been introduced

Redmi brandy Redmi Note 11T Pro and Note 11T Pro + In addition to the long-awaited smartphones Mi Band 7 also presented a smart bracelet. The presented Mi Band 7 model retains its traditional design. At the same time, unlike previous models, it has a slightly larger screen and battery capacity. In addition, the Mi Band 7 attracts attention with its extensive functions for measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood and the support of an improved special coaching regimen to increase the effectiveness of exercise. So the new Mi Band 7 smart bracelet 490 × 192 pixel quality 1.62 inches AMOLED equipped with a screen. In addition to static images, the screen also supports the display of dynamic themes. As with previous Mi Band models, the body of the Mi Band 7 5 ATMs protected from water according to the standard.

Smart bracelet in general 10Supports monitoring of 0 types of sports activities. In addition to measuring the heart rate as standard, Mi Band 7 can also determine the level of oxygen in the blood. However, a smart bracelet for blood oxygen levels 24 hours controls throughout. When the oxygen level in the blood is below 90%, the notification is displayed on the screen of the bracelet and its body vibrates. Another innovation implemented in the smart bracelet is a permanent active screen. As with previous Mi Band models, the Mi Band 7 can determine the number of steps taken and calories burned, and monitor sleep quality.

In addition, the bracelet can act as a private coach. Thus, a special calculator in the wrist system determines the time required for full recovery of the body after exercise and provides important advice to maintain a healthy body shape. The Mi Band 7 bracelet is equipped with a 180 mAh battery. According to the information, the bracelet can work for 14 days after a single charge. It should also be noted that the bracelet Xiao AI has the support of a voice assistant. Mi Band 7 is available in 2 versions. Ordinary and NFC chip version. In China, the regular version costs $ 36, while the NFC-supported version costs $ 42.

Azerbaijan news

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