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‘There may be civilizations in the universe that can change the laws of physics as they wish’

NASAAmerican scientist with the support of Adam Frank of alien civilizations presented a new theory of how far they could go within their levels of development. According to a new theory of an American scientist, civilizations in the universe can reach such a level of development that fundamental physical laws can change. Of the University of Rochester Astrophysicist Adam Frank, with the support of NASA, is looking for technological traces of extraterrestrial civilizations, and he thinks that we must begin to think in a non-standard way in the perception of the universe and its laws. In his article, Adam Frank discusses whether advanced technology can have limitations, whether conscious civilization in the universe can evolve to the point where it can change physical laws, whether physical laws can limit anything that one civilization can create, and whether civilization can. tried to find answers to questions such as whether they created restrictions for development.

“But maybe in the universe as well IV and V tip civilizations also exist? In general, do civilizations have any restrictions on the development of technology? These are very interesting questions and it is very difficult to find answers at the moment, “said Adam Frank. The level of technological development of all civilizations in the universe on the Kardashev scale depends on the amount of energy consumed by one or another civilization. However, all these possible civilizations, including ours, are subject to known physical laws. “But what if civilization has developed to the point where it can change the laws of physics?” Such a civilization could go beyond the ordinary process of energy storage. This issue Caleb Scharf We need to recall the research of an astrophysicist named in 2016, “said Adam Frank.

It is believed that much of the universe is made up of this hidden matter. Scharf believes that dark matter came into being as a result of the intervention of an incredibly advanced alien civilization. However, Scharf also believes that of dark energy An alien civilization with a high level of development may be behind its emergence. It is now believed that it is the dark energy that causes the universe to expand so rapidly. According to Scharf’s theory, a highly developed alien civilization deliberately expands the universe through dark energy. Thus, this civilization wants to avoid the destruction of the universe with chaos.

“Perhaps, in fact, there are many physical laws, but evolution chooses the options that conscious beings can obey. At the same time, perhaps conscious beings have the ability to choose the physical laws that suit them. Such civilizations space and time They can completely change their perceptions and create a comfortable universe for their lives, ”said Adam Frank. According to the scientist, this is theoretically possible, although it sounds like the most crazy science fiction. Maybe modern physics imposes severe restrictions on conscious beings and their capabilities. This possibility is possible. These limitations can delay or stop the level of technological development until the time when science fiction can imagine. In this sense, for example, most likely speed of light It will not be possible to circumvent the restrictions imposed by and interstellar travel It will be a very complicated and expensive process, ”added Adam Frank.

Azerbaijan news

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