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While in the military, he had a car accident in Baku

The businessman’s son, who is in the military, was driving in Baku when he saw these images social shared on networks.

Video Published on the website “”. During the investigation, it was established that the perpetrator was Malikov Aziz Soltanpasha oglu. It turned out that the man committed these acts while serving in the military. Then he videotaped the act of hooliganism social shared on networks. It is said that Aziz Malikov is the son of a well-known businessman.

During the investigation of the State Traffic Police, it was found out that at about 01:32 on April 26, in the area of ​​Javadkhan Street, Nasimi district, the driver of a Chevrolet Cruze with registration number 99-BC-181 Malikov Aziz Soltanpasha oglu used a handbrake. spun several times. The driver committed hooliganism by leaving tire marks on the asphalt surface and fled the scene. Although the driver was ordered to stop at that time, he did not stop the car and fled the scene in violation of various rules. After searching for the driver for several days, his whereabouts were determined and it was found out that Aziz Malikov is currently serving in the military unit.

A report was drawn up on the driver under Article 511.1.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. The case was sent to the Baku Military Court because A.Malikov was in military service.

Fact Baku City Chief DYPChief Inspector, Major Araz Askerli confirmed.


The Defense Ministry said:

Malik Soltanpasha oglu Malikov, a soldier serving in military unit N, left the military unit unruly during his service, as well as committed other illegal acts.

In this regard, the necessary documents were collected and sent to the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the garrison, where he served in March this year.

On April 11, a criminal case was filed against him Azerbaijan The documents have been submitted to the Republican Military Prosecutor’s Office to take necessary measures within the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan news

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