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A family of officials who started a business with solar energy

It was created by the state order and belongs to the official’s family “Azgüntex” now his mouth is open to the sun

At the opening 12 years ago President Ilham Aliyev also attended Azguntex Solar Modules Plant it had to illuminate residential buildings, streets, squares, in short, the whole country, and even export solar panels.

But now factory is remembered for its failed goals rather than the product it was supposed to produce.

Toplum TV”Employee visited Sumgayit High Technology Park, where the plant is located.

Factory silence reigns in the territory.

Dirty buildings, inactive equipment and dried pots are traditional factory contradicts the image. Grass has already sprouted on the solar panels installed in the yard.

Toplum Tv

The only prominent employee of the plant says that they have not been operating since the pandemic.

It is impossible to find information on how many products Azguntex LLC has produced in recent years and what it has done. The company’s telephone numbers are no longer working.

However, the plant is also on the list of companies that receive financial support to pay their employees during the pandemic was.

Both the head of the agency and the director of the plant…

However, in the past, the plant benefited from both state support and government orders. Orders at the expense of the state budget were given to the plant by an official who was a member of the owner’s family.

State in 2012 news news agencies gave extensive reports on the opening of the President’s Azguntex plant in Sumgayit. The plant, built by the State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, was not known to the public as belonging to the family of then-chairman Akim Badalov.

Akim Badalov He headed the agency in 2012-2019.

Authorized capital 10The legal representative of the company is Sharif Mohsun oglu Mohsunov (previously Sabuhi Musayev was the director).

Aygun Akim gizi Badalova, as the founders of the LLC at the time of its establishment, AkifSharif gizi Mohsunova was registered. They are the daughter and close relative of Akim Badalov, former director of the State Agency for Renewable Energy.

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Progress Industrial Production Company has been registered at 8, Nureddin Pashayev Street, apartment 35, registered by Azguntex, since 1994.

In 2019, the State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources was abolished by a decree signed by the President, and Akim Badalov, who headed the agency for a long time, lost his position.

After that, Akim Badalov in the local media tax There have been reports of lawsuits and delays in the payment of salaries due to debts.

Currently inactive “Azguntex” LLC tax debt is 56 337 AZN.

The ministry also refused the plant: “We do not cooperate with this plant”

Azguntex LLC fulfilled the state order at different times. Panels produced at the plant owned by his family members at stations operated by the State Agency headed by Akim Badalov, such as Gobustan, Samukh, Surakhani, Sumgayit, Pirallahi HPPs installed.

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At the same time, six schools and six kindergartens in Bilasuvar, “Smart Garden” in Guba, Indoor sports field in Masalli, boarding school in Turkan settlement, children’s polyclinic in Hovsan settlement, solar energy projects in schools No. 235, 149, 320, 311 in Baku executionmember of “Azguntex” was.

As soon as Akim Badalov lost his post, the demand for the products of the plant belonging to his family also increased. Spokesman for the Ministry of Energy Cahid Mikayilov told Toplum TV that the plant has been cooperated with in the past, and in the last three years, cooperation with private companies has been preferred.

Toplum Tv

“The state no longer invests in the purchase of solar panels or the construction of solar power plants. These issues are already entrusted to private companies, which also bring panels from anywhere. For example, we currently have a contract with Masdar of the United Arab Emirates, which has already laid the foundation for a number of projects.

The ministry did not explain why it refused to cooperate with the local producer.

In the Khachmaz region farmer Farm owner Irada Huseynova has been using solar panels since 2016. However, he ordered these panels not from a local factory, but from Turkey. According to him, the reason was that they were expensive in the country:

“I have only two panels, I use them in the field, for the farm. In addition, the phone, tablet, refrigerator, etc. I can charge with energy. I could hardly bring the panels from Turkey by cargo. Because there are restrictions on ordinary citizens to bring electrical products, as well as panels.

When you call a company through an ad in 2015 20They offered a panel with a power of 0 W for 350 manat. However, the panel I bought from Turkey for 160 pounds 20It gives 0 W of energy ”.

According to him, farmer Although solar panels are very profitable for the farm, their use goes through a long procedure:

“The other biggest challenge is inventory. The panel provides 12 W of power without interruption. The refrigerators and other technical equipment used daily run at 220 W intermittently. There is no 12 W equipment in Azerbaijan. Therefore, we are forced to use inventory. That is, we need to buy an inventory to convert the energy from 12 W to 220 W. Installation of inventory 10It is more than 00 manat, which is expensive.

“The price of the product is higher than the market price”

According to engineer Bakhtiyar Amirbayov, in order for any product to find a place in the market, the manufacturer must offer a more affordable price than rival companies. He thinks that the products offered by Azguntex are above market prices, so buyers are not interested.

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“For example, in rural areas, they wanted to use solar panels instead of electricity in private homes. Then it turned out that the purchase and installation of inventory, panels and other spare parts to use about 2 kilowatts of energy costs 4000-5000 manat. In other words, the owner of an average villa has to spend about 30,000 to provide his property with alternative energy, ”said the engineer.

Bakhtiyar Amirbayov says that the installed panels are still unused: “Hundreds of solar panels have been installed on the Yashma road. But none of them was connected to the network, covered with dust. In the final stage, it must be connected to the network and energy must be sold to subscribers. But as a result, it seems that the service offered by the plant is more expensive than traditional water and power plants. In this case, how can they sell an expensive product? ”

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“Bankruptcy is inevitable in the absence of market competition”

Economist Rovshan Agayev says that there is no scientific and technical potential in the field of alternative energy in Azerbaijan: “What was produced at Azguntex was not local production, all were imported and assembled in Azerbaijan.”

Toplum Tv

According to the economist, the plant is now inactive due to its dependence on government orders and inability to keep up with market demand.

Rovshan Agayev – Toplum Tv

He is today Azerbaijan says there are reputable companies in the market that provide households with alternative energy.

“Despite the fact that these companies pay customs duties, the prices of products purchased from abroad are much cheaper than those purchased from the plant,” said Rovshan Agayev.

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