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Photos from the creator of ‘Dead Space’ new horror game ‘The Callisto Protocol’

On the Internet survival-horror new genreThe Callisto Protocol”Information about the game has emerged. Along with the information, new photos of the game were also released. Thus, the players in the game in question Jacob Lee will manage a character named. The appearance of this character “Transformers”An actor known from the movie series Joshua Duhamel submitted. According to the plot line of the game Jupiterin which is one of the satellites Callistoda virus of unknown origin Black Iron turns the inhabitants of the local prison into horrible mutants. The creators of the game were inspired by humans in the process of creating mutants in the game. They scanned real people and then distorted the scanned models to reflect the different stages of the virus’s mutation.

Dead SpaceAs in The Callisto Protocol, it will be possible to break the mutants into pieces. However, by dismembering different parts of their bodies, they will be able to kill in a different way. For example, if a mutant is shot in the leg, it will start crawling on the ground. In this case, the player can simply step on it. As in the Dead Space games, ventilation systems will play an important role here. Thus, mutants can carry out a sudden attack on the player using ventilation systems. In addition, in The Callisto Protocol, as in the series Dead Space, the player will be able to use the skills of telekinesis.

It should be noted that the person leading the game development process Glen Schofieldis. He was the one who led the development of the first Dead Space game. He can even be called the father of the Dead Space series. The idea for The Callisto Protocol came to him in 2019. At first, he wanted to create a game in which events would take place on Earth. But then the plot line was transferred to Jupiter’s satellite Callisto. The Callisto Protocol in the second half of this year Xbox Series S, Series X, Playstation 5 consoles and PC should go on sale for.

Azerbaijan news

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