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Russia is exporting huge resources to eastern Ukraine

Russia army attacks with all available forces “

Russia Forces and equipment are directing a full-scale attack in eastern Ukraine, in two cities Ukraine tries to besiege his soldiers. Kyiv warned of a life-and-death battle that could determine his fate.

Ukraine Presidents Volodimir Zelenski He called the situation in the Donbas “extremely difficult.”

Russia “The army has attacked with all its might.”Zelenski said in a speech on the evening of May 24.

Russian forces are advancing in three directions to block the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Donbas from the east, focusing on the cities of Severodonetsk and Lisichansk on the east and west banks of the Siversky Donets River.

At least 14 civilians were killed

Governor of Luhansk region Sergey Qayday He said on May 25 that six civilians had been killed in the shelling of Severodonetsk last night.

Ukraine The military says it has repulsed nine Russian attacks in the Donbas on May 24, killing at least 14 civilians in Russian attacks in the region.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Motuzyanik He said on May 24 that fighting in the east of the country could determine his future.

“Russia to our country snowWe observe the most active phase of full-scale aggression. The situation on the eastern front is extremely difficult, because the fate of the country is being decided there. “ – Motuzyanik said in a telebriefing.

Wheat shortage

Britain Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s port of Odessa has led to a shortage of wheat exports, according to intelligence. compensation impossible to do.

Britain According to a daily statement issued by the Defense Ministry on May 25, as Russia’s naval blockade cuts off the entry of commercial vessels to Ukrainian ports, “the disruption will continue to push up the prices of many basic consumer goods.”

Russia to Ukraine in late February snowThe war he launched and subsequent Western sanctions have pushed up the price of wheat, vegetable oil, fertilizer and energy.

Ukraine and Russia together account for a third of global wheat supplies.

The port of Mariupol is being cleaned

According to Russian officials, the sea near Mariupol has been cleared of mines, and a safe corridor will be opened on May 25 for the departure of about 70 foreign ships from the southern coast of Ukraine.

Under the rubble of a residential building in Mariupol, which was under siege for several months 200 destroyed bodies found. The Ukrainian authorities announced the information on May 24.

Advisor to the mayor Petro Andryushchenko He did not say when the bodies were found. But this, victim may be one of the most deadly attacks known to date in the war.


Azerbaijan news

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