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Samsung will stop using Exynos processors in its flagship smartphones

Samsung company Galaxy S22 on smartphones AMD RDNA 2 architecture-based graphics Exynos 2200 had high hopes for the flagship processor. But the end result is the processor in question Exynos 2100 did not show such an attractive level of development compared to the model. Now, it is reported that Samsung has decided to take a break from the production of Exynos processors and not to equip its flagship smartphones with these processors. It will be presented in 2023 and 2024 Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 smartphones will not have Exynos processor versions.

As a result, the company has only its own smartphones Qualcomm or moreover MediaTek It is unknown whether they will use processors. According to some insiders, Samsung is inside the company Dream Team Platform One has created a special department with the code name, which will include thousands of specialists in the field of semiconductors and smartphones. Their main goal is to create a new high-end processor. Samsung’s goal will be to compete on an equal footing with other processors, and at the same time the market leader in terms of performance. Apple A Bionic is to create a new processor that can overtake the processors. According to the information, such a processor should be ready by 2025. And this means that his Galaxy S25 can be expected to be realized in the smartphone series

Azerbaijan news

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