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Former Moldovan president released under house arrest

The prosecutor demanded his arrest

Former President of Chisinau Court Igor Dodon 30 per day sent under house arrest.

However, during the trial, prosecutor Piotr Yarmalyuk demanded the arrest of the ex-president.
This was reported by NewsMaker spread. According to the agency, Dodon, who is under house arrest, will be able to destroy the evidence and influence the investigation.

Prosecutor Piotr Yarmalyuk told reporters that he would appeal the decision.

Igor Dodon on May 24 for passive corruption (Article 324 of the Criminal Code of Moldova), political was detained by the party for receiving funds from a criminal organization (Article 181/2 of the Criminal Code), illegal enrichment (Article). He was also charged with treason (Article 337 of the Criminal Code).

Previously, Information and Security Services to Corruption SnowTogether with the Prosecutor’s Office, they searched Dodo’s house at 12 addresses.

According to the report, during the search, security forces found a large amount of money and luxury items in different currencies.

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