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Georgia is not on the “black list”, Azerbaijan is not mentioned…


Ukraine The head of the President’s Office, Andrei Yermak, stated that Georgia is on the list of countries that help Russia evade sanctions. According to NetGazeti, he said this during a meeting organized by the Atlantic Council.

FOX News TV channelcorrespondent asked him about repeated sanctions and asked that Ukraine to countries and individuals helping Russia evade sanctions snowasked for sanctions? Yermak said that some influential businessmen in Georgia Russia own shares in companies and participate in Russia’s evasion of sanctions.

“This is a very important question. We have serious sanctions (on Russia snowWe can apply it, but there will always be countries and individuals who will find a gap and try to help them. We take an open position on this issue. We can prove that these countries and individuals helped Russia evade sanctions. We are grateful to our partners who have taken risks in these economic and other areas under these sanctions.

It is not right for some to deny such sanctions and make money on it. Unfortunately, some Asian countries are taking such a step.

It is very sad to see friendly countries on this list, such as Georgia, which is on the black list. But we are very careful and continue to study this issue together with our partners. Everything must be proven and documented.

There is no doubt that this is an important part of repeated sanctions. Europe Future sanctions packages by the Union and the United Kingdom will be further expanded. If we talk about a country like Georgia, we know that some influential businessmen Russia They have a large stake in companies such as Gazprom. I think they have joined the process of evading sanctions from Russia. “– said Andrey Yermak.

Andrey Yermak to Russia snowleads a group of Ukrainian and international experts assessing sanctions and their effectiveness.

In a statement, the Ukrainian politician made clear reference to Bidzina Ivanishvili, a former Russian oligarch and billionaire who runs the Georgian government unofficially. By the way, many in Georgia believe that Ivanishvili is still a shareholder in Gazprom. Yermak believes that Ivanishvili, Georgia’s unofficial ruler, has been involved in Russia’s evasion of sanctions.

More interestingly, to date, no statement has been received from Ukraine that anyone in Azerbaijan may be involved in such activities. Which is also our country Russia It has a wide geographical border and, unlike Georgia, has not severed diplomatic relations with Moscow. Isn’t that weird? What can be said about this?

Leading expert of the Georgian Center for Strategic Analysis Gela Vasadze answered’s questions.

– I do not have exact information on whether Ivanishvili is a shareholder of Gazprom. But indeed, many in Georgia are convinced of this, and the opposition has repeatedly said so. Therefore, there is no doubt that Yermak meant Ivanishvili. By the way, a little later this person was Ivanishvili President Office adviser Mikhail Podolyak also confirmed.

Of course, Yermak’s statement is political. But here’s the important point – why are these statements made? This is really an attempt to prevent the evasion of sanctions, or a specific one from a specific group political is it an order? After all, this group Vahid Milli Only the naive can think that there is a movement (Mikheil Saakashvili’s party). Such an order can only come from the other side of the ocean, from nowhere else. But there can be both options. In any case, the Georgian government has reacted angrily to the allegations.

One thing is clear – making such statements openly is a bad omen for Ivanishvili. There is no doubt that it has its patrons in the west. But in power in Ukraine political Ivanishvili under the influence of the group political The scale of the impact is incomparable. If the price of this game was not so high, it would be very fun to watch it all.

As for Azerbaijan, I am sure that Ukraine and Azerbaijan Any “misunderstandings” between them are resolved without attracting public attention. This is an indicator of high relations.

Rauf Orucov

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