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‘Invisible’ Afghan women’s protest

Afghan men to female family members for fear of arrest snowThey say they were forced to behave badly

In Kabul, a group of Afghan women refused to open schools for girls over the age of sixth grade protest held a rally. In the meantime UNA senior Taliban official has warned that the Taliban’s goal of restricting women’s rights is to make women “invisible.”

Since the Taliban took power in August 2021, girls have been banned from attending classes above sixth grade in many parts of Afghanistan. In March, the Taliban closed high schools for girls on the morning of their opening.

The Taliban denies

On May 26 20A woman and a girl gathered in front of the gates of Maryam High School in Kabul and called on the Taliban to open schools.

“You took my bread, my job, I can’t even read” They shouted.

According to some witnesses, protest from the beginning 10 Minutes later, Taliban militants arrived, dispersed the women and opened fire in the air. The three women were reportedly detained and released after the Taliban searched their mobile phones.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s Interior Ministry protestdenied the destruction of. “It’s propaganda. We have not stopped anyone’s protest. “Azir Ahmed Takur he said.

To make women invisible…

The Taliban initially promised a different government from the brutal regime of the 1990s. But many Afghans and others, even in Central Asia, have been skeptical. Women are now being fired from government jobs and traveling alone is banned.

Afghanistan this month Ali religious leader and Taliban leader Heybatulla Akhundzade instructed women to cover their faces in public.

Restrictions “show gender discrimination, the goal is to make women invisible in society” – UNSpecial Rapporteur on Human Rights in Afghanistan Richard Bennett told reporters during a visit to the tribe on May 26.

“The de facto authorities did not understand the scale and gravity of the violations they committed.” – Bennett added.

Instructions not to leave the house

The Taliban has also instructed women not to leave their homes as much as possible. Penalties for covering one’s face include imprisonment. The punishment will be imposed not only on women, but also on male members of the family.

According to human rights groups, the order forces Afghan men to control the behavior and appearance of female family members.

“I have been mistreated by men in my family since the Taliban imposed this rule,” he said. We are told that if we leave the house, we will give them a headache. “ A woman from Kabul, speaking on condition of anonymity, told RFE / RL’s Radio Free Afghanistan.

From May 21, female TV presenters have also been ordered to cover their faces.

The last signs of autonomy…

Deputy Director for Women’s Rights, Human Rights Watch (HRW) Hezer Barr says the decree will “intensify domestic violence.” According to her, the decree “takes away the last signs of autonomy” of Afghan women under the Taliban.

Afghan men are afraid to arrest female family members snowThey say they were forced to behave badly. “We know our women snowWe are cruel. But we have to do it. “Noble said a Kabul resident named.

Taliban religious police have already posted placards in Kabul ordering women to wear them. Last week, the Taliban barred dozens of women from attending universities in the capital because they were not properly dressed.


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