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It will be possible to save automatically deleted messages on WhatsApp

Whatsapp developers continue to improve the function of automatically deleted messages in the messenger. It should be noted, WhatsappThe function in question 2020The messages in the cracks opened by it are automatically deleted after a certain time. For users to delete messages according to their wishes 24 hours, Can set a time of 1 week and 90 days. Now it turns out that the function of storing some automatically deleted messages in the messenger is being tested. Automatic deletion of such selected messages thanks to the tested function snowwill get the bottle. This can be very useful, especially if someone has sent you important information or an address. Thus, the user automatically deletes such important messages snowwill be able to take advantage of them by taking the bottle. It should be noted that such messages stored in memory will be located in a special section inside the messenger. This new feature is stable Whatsapp There is no information on when the versions will be released.

Azerbaijan news

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