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Scientists spoke about the interesting features of the planet Neptune

Neptune planets Uranium then Of the solar system the second is an ice giant. O, From Earth In contrast to the 30 times farther from the sun located at a distance. Neptune is a complete cycle around the Sun. With 165 realizes. This cold giant planet rotates faster around its axis. Therefore, on Neptune 1 per day 16 hours contane. What other features does Neptune have, and how does this planet attract attention? Neptune in 1846 Johann Galle was discovered by a German astronomer named. As a result of calculations made by the astronomer with his colleagues, he came to the conclusion that the gravity of Uranus is influenced by some space object. It was then that scientists were able to observe Neptune for the first time through a telescope. NASAAccording to historical records, Neptune was observed by astronomers in 1612. However, at that time they did not accept this space object as a planet. The planet is named after the sea god of ancient Rome.

The only spacecraft to reach Neptune is still Voyager-2 is considered. Thus, Voyager-2 passed through the maximum proximity of the planet and was able to take the first few photos of it. Neptune is the last planet to be discovered in the solar system. So that, 20In 06 Pluto was deprived of planetary status and included in the list of dwarf planets. However, scientists are still searching for the ninth planet in the solar system. It is believed that the planet is located outside the solar system. The distance between Neptune and Earth 4.7 billion km contane. The Voyager-2 covered this distance in 12 years. But he, 68,000 km per hour was moving fast. This is many times faster than modern manned spacecraft. Scientists believe that the temperature in the atmosphere of Neptune -225 degrees Celsius contane. Although Neptune is farther away from Uranus, the two planets have roughly the same temperature. In addition, it is known that Jupiter and Saturn Like Neptune, it emits many times more heat into space than the energy it absorbs from the Sun.

One season on this planet lasts for 40 years. The composition of Neptune su, ammonia and methane consists of. Scientists usually call these molecules ice. Therefore, Neptune is considered an ice giant. Although the planet does not have a hard surface, it does have a hard core like Earth. As in Uranus, so in Neptune diamond showers it’s raining Thus, these planets are under pressure from the Earth 200.000 times higher have pressure. The resulting methane of carbon and then the carbon is grouped into long chains to form diamond-like crystal lattices. In addition to 14 satellites, Neptune also has a minimum of 5 rings. However, unlike Saturn’s rings, Neptune’s rings are not clearly visible. The largest satellite on the planet It’s Triton. According to scientists, Triton was struck by the gravity of Neptune billions of years ago From the Kuiper belt was involved.

Azerbaijan news

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