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A new type of black hole has been discovered that will allow us to better understand the evolution of the Milky Way galaxy

Of the United States North Carolina State Of the University scientists in dwarf galaxies previously unknown black holes found. Those black holes found Milk The way which is at the center of the galaxy Sagittarius A * called super massive black hole can help them understand evolution. According to scientists, our Milk The way Our galaxy was formed in the distant past as a result of the process of merging many dwarf galaxies, and this process will continue in the future. for example The Great Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellan Buludu Dwarf galaxies will become part of our galaxy in the future. Such dwarf galaxies have black holes in their centers, and those dwarf galaxies are called Milk The way When combined with, a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A * in the center of our galaxy will swallow the black hole in their center.

Astronomers can detect black holes only when they are growing. During the growth processes of black holes, they are surrounded by on the accretion disk absorb the substance and as a result emit radiation. “The problem is that black holes in the process of growth emit radiation emitted by a newly formed star. In this case, there are special methods to determine whether the radiation emitted belongs to a black hole or a star. As part of the process of selecting certain data, we were able to find a large number of black holes in dwarf galaxies. This does not mean that black holes can be found more often in dwarf galaxies than previously thought, ”the scientists said.

The data obtained show that we are not talking about ordinary black holes growing, but a completely new type of black holes. At least these dwarf objects found in dwarf galaxies 80%is a new type of black hole. Scientists also say that such galaxies undergo evolution not only due to the intensive formation of stars, but also due to growing black holes. “We believe that such black holes act as building blocks for supermassive black holes, such as Sagittarius A * at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and we want to know more about them,” the scientists said.

Azerbaijan news

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