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Boris Johnson calls on Kiev to provide more powerful weapons

Missile systems, known in English as MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems), strike longer distances and affect a wider area.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Russia He called on Ukraine to provide more modern and more powerful weapons, including Jet Missile Systems.

Missile systems, known in English as MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems), strike longer distances and affect a wider area.

Bloomberg TV channelin an interview Britain The prime minister called on Ukraine to hold talks with Putin Europe Unlike his leaders, he said that any talks with Moscow at the moment could result in the loss of Ukrainian territory:

“What could be the deal with a crocodile chewing half of your left foot?”

Johnson said that Russia to the president at all trust should not be done.

Russia, which is trying to move forward by bringing huge manpower and military equipment to the Donbas region snowto get the bottle Ukraine The MLRS system from the West has been around for a long time Kyivcalls for

Ukraine’s persistent calls are being met with caution in a number of European circles snowswelled. Some leaders are concerned that the transfer of these weapons to Ukraine will directly affect Western allies Russia with snowcan put against.

Other concerns are that these long-range missiles could land on Russian territory and exacerbate the conflict.

Johnson told Bloomberg television that the MLRS would allow Ukraine to protect itself from Russia’s brutal and deadly artillery.

Britain The Prime Minister said that although Russian troops were making difficulty in advancing in the Donbas region, they were capturing new territories.

Ukraine Officials are concerned that being forced to negotiate with Russia in such a situation could result in the loss of the country’s territory.

Ukraine presidents Volodimir Zelenski The country’s leadership, in particular, says that not an inch of territory will be given to Russia Kyiv will fight to the end in this war.

In his traditional night speech on May 27 Zelenski he said:

“Increasing pressure on Russia is literally a matter of saving lives,” he said. With each new day of delay, the weakness, the discussions and suggestions made to “disguise” the aggressor, mean the number of Ukrainians killed. This is a threat to everyone on our continent. “

Boris Johnson said that military support to Ukraine should be continued.

Nevertheless, Johnson is cleaning up Ukrainian seaports Britain He ruled out the use of the navy and said that London could participate in such an event only with its allies.

Putin’s grain blackmail

Ukraine is an exporter of much of the world’s grain, but Russian warships are currently blocking Ukrainian seaports.

20 up to a million tons of grain left in warehouses news is given. Russia is demanding the lifting of Western sanctions on Ukraine over its naval blockade.


Azerbaijan news

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