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In order for Ukraine not to lose the war …

“It simply came to our notice then Russia ships can still fire Caliber missiles. Why Russia ship from the shore 150-20It should stop at a distance of 0 km and launch a missile, but it should not be attacked. “

Russia Forces are currently attacking the eastern Ukrainian cities of Severodonetsk and Lisichansk on the banks of the Siversky Donets River. Purpose Ukraine to besiege their forces. This attack plays an important role in the current stage of Russia’s war in Ukraine, as it decides the fate of Moscow’s plan to take full control of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Ukraine Presidents Volodimir Zelenski also snowhad warned of the difficult weeks ahead.

RFE / RL correspondent Reid Stendish is a retired U.S. Marine, leading adviser to the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. Mark Kankianla spoke.

Kankian says the attack is the third step in Russia’s war targets, or rather a reduction in previous targets. Earlier, Moscow wanted to seize Kiev and seize the whole country, but it was not taken. In the second stage, he wanted to capture a large part of the eastern Donbas region, to strike south of Izyum, and then to move north from Mariupol, which was not taken. Now they are focusing on Severodonetska, a much smaller target. Although the Russians wanted to attack the city from the north and cross the river, they lost a lot of troops and equipment. However, by capturing this city again, Russia will take control of most of the Luhansk region, which may be its last ambition in this war.

20Of the 0,000 servicemen, 30,000 were separatist fighters.

Have Russian forces given up their attempts to blockade larger Ukrainian formations in the east? Kankian says the current siege is only possible on a smaller scale.

“Russia may go to war, maybe 20It started with 0,000 troops, but 30,000 of them were separatist fighters from the Donbas. In other words, 150,000 ground troops have been withdrawn so far, which was not so big for the huge area they breathed in the initial stage of the attack. “ – emphasizes the analyst.

He now compares the situation on the front to the war between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in early 1943 during World War II. If at that time the Soviets had more than a million soldiers on the same front line, now Russia has 150,000 or less troops.

Kankian notes that the Ukrainians are getting stronger in the war, and the Russians are weakening. The flow of weapons sent by the West to Ukraine makes a big difference on the front. The analyst notes that the reservists involved in the fighting in Ukraine are also better trained, and the effectiveness of armed groups is growing.

“On the other hand, the Russians have lost a lot, more than the Ukrainians. Most of the losses are replaced by lower quality units. They have used a lot of good ammunition, and missile stockpiles are declining. Consider that the number of missiles fired has decreased in recent weeks. I think the reserves are declining. “ Says the analyst.

“Russia’s goal is to destroy villages”

What does Ukraine need from the West to defeat Russia? RFE / RL’s Georgian Service reports NATOinterviewed Wesley Clark, who led the US operations in Kosovo. Yugoslav leader in 1998 Slobodan Milosevicto stop the bloody divantization of ethnic Albanians in the region NATO had intervened in the region.

Clark is President of Russia Vladimir Putinthinks it has not achieved anything in Ukraine.

“But as the soil dries up, we are approaching a critical point. If the Russians are able to cross major rivers in the Donbas, they can move to a larger area and perform combat maneuvers, as in World War II. Russia’s goal is to break Ukraine’s defenses by destroying villages. They know that these villages are anti-tank and Ukrainian weather They form the basis of the defense of the forces, so they destroy them with artillery. As I said earlier, as soon as the soil dries out, they can bypass these villages and go to the open plain. “ He says.

The former commander considers it important to strengthen the Ukrainians for such a war. “They don’t have the tanks they need; not enough artillery; no fighter jets; There are no attack planes, combat helicopters “, The serviceman said that he had heard many promises of support, but the assistance provided was not enough.

“The goal of the United States is to weaken Russia so strategically that it will never happen again,” he said. If the war stops and Russia retains control, it will be difficult to call it a strategic bankruptcy. They have seized the entire southern coast of Ukraine, as well as most of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. 500 billion $ 1 trillion in destruction… Ukraine needs to be strengthened. He has the ability to fight, he has the determination to drive out the Russians; but there is no means ” – emphasizes the military.

“It will be increasingly difficult”

Clark said that Russia has its own military industry, while Ukraine’s military equipment is far away weatherthen also says that it was obtained by rail and convoy transport.

“It will be increasingly difficult. I do not want to hear premature congratulations on how well Ukraine has performed in the war. This battle can be lost. Ukraine it is only the United States and the West Europe can win with more help from its allies ” Says the analyst.

According to him, first of all, Russian artillery must be destroyed. In this case, they will not be able to move forward. Secondly, Ukraine needs intelligence support. “But we need most artillery. Lots of artillery, along with ammunition. Hundreds of shots will be fired from every artillery barrel every day. “ – Clark said.

The former commander says Ukraine also needs to strengthen its air defense.


Azerbaijan news

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