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Is smoking more expensive or not? – 24 hours

Today, the price of some cigarettes has risen in Azerbaijan. Prices 10Increased by -30 kopecks.

Sales outlets attribute this to the fact that companies are raising the price of cigarettes.

In general, cigarettes with a previous selling price of more than 2 manats cost 30 kopecks, and those with less than 2 manats 10 penny has risen.

Tabaterra CJSC, a major cigarette manufacturer in the country, said that the company in general 10With more than 0 varieties, local brands are produced, including international brands belonging to the world’s largest manufacturers, such as British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, Imperial Tobacco Group.

According to the agency, Tabaterra CJSC did not raise the price of any cigarettes. (Trend)

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Azerbaijan news

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