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Is Ukraine ready for concessions?

Author: Seymour Hazi

Henry Kissinger, who was old enough to have left no trace of his old age.Ukraine He should make concessions to Russia. ” The scale of these discussions suggests that it is not just the old diplomat who is thinking about “concessions.” It is just that his statement has inspired many to reiterate that Ukraine is wrong and must make concessions. The fact is that Kissinger is old enough and does not have the ability to influence the state apparatus as a consultant. In addition, the head of the Soros family, George Soros, who is said to be his adviser, said that Russia must end. In other words, those who want to turn Kissinger’s excuse into a “basis” are in a hurry. Because it is difficult to imagine the subjective influence of any individual, not only on the results or course of a war on this scale, but on any episode. This is a war of systems with a complex mind. To put it bluntly, it is a war of a multi-headed and consensual system. Not only Kissinger, but Zelensky was not allowed to intervene in this war alone.

What happened in the negotiations?

Ukraine and Russia Negotiations between them no longer continue. It is expected that it will be restored at some stage, of course, but what is in the middle is that there are no talks. The main reason for this was Russia’s failure to take a constructive position on the Ukrainians at Azovstal. If Moscow did not try to clear itself at least after the Bucha massacre, ie did not agree to evacuate the Ukrainians in Azovstal, then why negotiations are needed, what is the need for this diplomacy? It is impossible to disagree with Kiev’s decision. At the same time, Russia Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharovna’s attempt to present Ukraine as refusing to negotiate is also noteworthy. But the main clarifying question here is: if there are no results, then why these talks? But should I show Russia as a proponent of dialogue, or should I persuade Ukraine to make some concessions? In fact, Ukraine The president’s ironic remarks about mediation also suggest that the talks are a “rescue” operation, and that the “hostage” Putin or the image of Putin.

Britain explained the formula

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Trass says: “It’s the only way to end the war way To Russia snowto use force “. The explanation of this approach is very clear. In fact, there is no need to disclose. Tying a predator can temporarily subdue it, but if it is not destroyed, then it continues to be at risk. Russia is a wounded predator attacking him on all fours snowIf force is not applied, the probability of danger will increase rapidly. From this point of view, it is possible to think not only of active diplomats, but also of them political Referring to former diplomats who are not even physiologically active is nothing but speculation of some insidious intent. No one is able to change the probable end.

Azerbaijan news

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