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Military operations require huge monetary resources

Anton Siluanov said that this war, which Russia calls a “special operation”, needs huge monetary resources

Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov He said on May 27 that the country needs huge financial resources to cover the cost of military operations in Ukraine.

According to Reuters, this is 8 trillion rubles (120 billion dollars) will add.

Russia to Ukraine on February 24 snowhas sent tens of thousands of troops to combat operations since the beginning of the war.

Reuters reports that heavy Western sanctions on Russia over the aggression have pushed inflation, which is already high, to 18 percent, and the country is now on the brink of a recession.

Putin does not admit

In a lecture at Moscow’s Financial University, Siluanov said the war, which Russia called a “special operation,” needed huge monetary resources.

President Vladimir Putin pensions and minimum wages to protect the population from inflation 10 ordered to increase interest rates.

He also denied that the country’s problems were related to the war in Ukraine.

Siluanov said that the measures envisaged by the order will be implemented this year billion rubles, and in 2023 it will cost 1 trillion rubles.

Money from “unfriendly” countries

In the lecture, the minister praised Moscow’s freezing of assets of foreign investors from “unfriendly” countries.

Moscow responded to Western sanctions:

“We will arrest foreign investment from unfriendly countries, just as they have seized our gold and foreign exchange reserves.”

300 in Western Russia’s international banks billion dollars in foreign exchange reserves

May 27 1 dollars It was equal to 66.5 rubles.


Azerbaijan news

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