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The stage of preparation for the next ‘The Witcher’ game has been announced

Of Poland CD Project RED company in the first quarter of this year reportWhen presenting the next “The Witcher”Informed about the preparation stage of the game. It should be noted that the new game “The Witcher” was officially announced in March. So far, no information has been provided about the stage of preparation for the game. Now, according to the information, the company has already left behind the research phase of the game and moved on to its initial stage.

Typically, at the initial stage of development, companies plan the development process, develop documentation and a prototype that will describe the game. It should be noted that the new game “The Witcher” Unreal Engine 5 is based on the game engine. Head of CD Project RED Adam Kicinski said that the transition to the Unreal Engine 5 engine, in turn, is already showing positive results. So that, Epic Games The game engine, which belongs to the company, allows you to quickly perform various tasks.

Earlier, CD Project RED own RED Engine had to adapt the engine to certain requirements and instruct newcomers to use the engine. But with Unreal Engine, the situation is simpler. Thus, most people who want to work at CD Project RED have Unreal Engine experience. According to Kicinski, this game engine as well open-world It is also ideal for making style games. As for the new game “The Witcher”, it is not even known when it will go on sale. The name of the next game snowThere will be no number 4 on the screen, and it will cover completely new plot events of The Witcher world.

Azerbaijan news

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