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The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has separated from the Moscow Patriarchate

A statement from the UPK said that he was the patriarch of Moscow Ukraine disagrees with his position on the war

Ukraine Orthodox Church (UPK) Russia He declared his resignation from the Orthodox Church (RPC) and declared himself “completely independent.”

The decision of the UPK was published on its official website on May 27.

Earlier, the leaders of the UPK convened an emergency meeting of the church council.

The council stated that the UPK was resuming the preparation of the tahdi (a special oil rubbed in the church) independently.

In the sense of church rites, this means that the UPK considers itself independent of the patriarchates of Moscow and Istanbul (Constantinople).

The UPK also separated from the Moscow Patriarchate earlier Ukraine He called on the Independent Orthodox Church (UMPK) to resume dialogue to resolve their differences.

A statement from the UPK said he did not agree with the Moscow patriarch’s position on the Ukraine war.

UPK as well as Ukraine and Russia He called on the authorities to “continue the search for a strong and wise Word to stop the bloodshed.”

“Unfortunately, our voices were not heard”

RPK Metropolitan Onufri (Berezovsky) addressed the council of bishops, clergy and community representatives, saying that the RPK had been in Ukraine since the first day of the war. snowhas unequivocally condemned the aggression:

“Unfortunately, our voices were not heard.”

Until now, there were two Orthodox churches in Ukraine.

Part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church 2018declared its independence in 1943 and was recognized by the Patriarchate of Constantinople (Istanbul).

At that time, the non-Orthodox part of the church remained under the Moscow Patriarchate. Now it is these Orthodox who have announced their separation from Moscow.

In the future, the two Orthodox churches in Ukraine will unite unit It is possible that it is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

A document posted on the UPK’s website states that the church intends to establish its own communities in Western countries that have sheltered Ukrainian refugees.

The patriarch of Constantinople usually obtained permission to establish such communities.


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