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William Hajiyev is ready to pay 6 million damages!


Former Imishli arrested on charges of embezzlement and bribery execution A trial has been held on the criminal case of President William Hajiyev.

Qafqazinfo news Hajiyev testified freely during the trial. He said it had nothing to do with embezzlement. It is impossible for the head of the executive power to cash the funds allocated from the budget: “Contractors say that they gave me money. But there is no evidence. I must say that I gave them some money. Is this proof ?! Why no complaints have been filed with law enforcement agencies for 8 years ?! Dear court, although I did not misappropriate the amounts indicated in the indictment, but since the misappropriation was in my time, I am ready to pay 6 million manat to compensate the damage to the state at the expense of my close relatives. I expect the necessary response from you. “

The former president then spoke on charges of illegal possession of weapons. He said he bought the weapon from an arms store years ago. We also submitted the answer to the court. If only an expert can determine that the amount of gunpowder in his cartridges is a few grams more, how do I, as a buyer, know how much gunpowder is in the cartridge ?! ”

Hajiyev said he did not take bribes from anyone in response to allegations of bribery: “After my arrest, hundreds of Imishli residents PresidentHe asked me to be released. I ask you to make a humane decision about me, taking into account my age and my intention to compensate the damage. “

Then the public prosecutor asked questions to the former president. The prosecutor asked that 2.5 million manat left Hajiyev’s apartment in Baku during the DTC operation dollarsWhere is the source of money in 1 million euros, 55 thousand manats and other currencies (6.3 million manats in total). William Hajiyev said that the money was inherited from his wife’s grandfather and belonged to his relatives.

He did not want to answer other questions.

The trial will continue on June 4.

It should be noted that William Hajiyev 2020He was arrested in an operation carried out by the State Security Service (SSS) in

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