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“Maybe the MNS members are neutralized in this way”

Ilham Ismail: “If Akif If a serious criminal like Chovdarov is free, these people should have been free before him. ”

The list of pardons signed on May 27 was revoked in 2015 MTN4 officers were included.

He was charged under Article 18 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Milli He was the head of the Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Security, general-mayor Teymur Guliyev, 10 worked for 6 months a year, MTNof transnational crime snowEmployees of the Anti-Corruption Department Natig Aliyev and Zaur Mammadov also worked for 11 years MTNColonel Salim Mammadov, an employee of the General Directorate of Energy and Transport Security, was also among those pardoned.

The men were arrested in 2015 in connection with the MNS case. The end 20 This is the first time that such a large number of people convicted of serious crimes have been released in the amnesty decrees signed in

Security expert Ilham Ismayil pardoned MNS officers executionemphasizing that he told them snowThe accusers knew that these people were carrying out Eldar Mahmudov’s instructions:

“I do not know exactly who Eldar Mahmudov fulfilled his task and for what purpose. However, Eldar Mahmudov was not arrested. Although the prosecutor’s office was aware that the pardon came from Eldar Mahmudov. Apparently, there is a higher instance. “

Ilham Ismayil believes that the first Eldar Mahmudov should have been arrested in the case of the Ministry of National Security:

“And those officers executionthey should have received less punishment, 10-12 years no. But they set up the business as if they were doing it on their own. However, it is impossible to work in this system on their own, they all follow the instructions from above.

“It is likely that when these people were arrested, they assured you not to worry, your property will not be damaged, and you will be released after a while. Probably, they are silent and do not speak about that agreement. If Akif If a serious criminal like Chovdarov is at large, these people should have been released before him, ”Ilham Ismayil said.

According to political scientist Arastun Orujlu, the investigation of the “MNS case” has raised many questions from the first days, and these questions remain today:

“First of all, 20Why did the head of the ministry Eldar Mahmudov and his deputies Hilal Asadov and Ali Shafiyev, who arrested more than 20 officers, remain free? Unfortunately, this issue was gradually forgotten. Second, Movlam Shikhaliyev’s so-called court joke, which continues today, confirms that this group feels very strong and is protected. Otherwise, Shikhaliyev would not have threatened or even cursed the victims in court judge calling him a “teacher” is a very embarrassing process. Third, some time ago coronavirus under the pretext of the main figure of the criminal group of the MNS Akif Chovdarov and Subahir Gurbanov were pardoned. The main question arises from what I have mentioned, why the criminals of the Ministry of National Security went unpunished? Because they were not punished for what they did. “

Arastun Orujlu believes that the MNS members to the state snowThe crimes he committed were not the subject of investigation:

“The point is that there have been numerous murders in a number of cases carried out by the Ministry of National Security, but no charges have been brought in connection with them. There are reports of the murder of 5 people, but specifically, the murder of one person was revealed in the so-called “Said Dadashbeyli case”. Unfortunately, this issue was not raised during the investigation or in court.

As for the question “What is the reason for such a soft attitude towards the MNS?”, Arastun Orujlu said that many exposing materials in the hands of this group serve to protect them:

“In fact, this is not the main reason, it is Eldar Mahmudov and his gang political has fulfilled numerous orders of the government. It is likely that in addition to fulfilling these orders, they also collected evidence against the government. The main reason for the arrest of Teymur Guliyev, charged under Article 18, was the conduct of hundreds of illegal hearings. During the investigation, there were 3-5 hearings, and among these hearings, there were those and their families who were in the highest echelons of power.

Arastun Orujlu thinks that it seems that the collected materials forced the government to reach an agreement with them. One of the conditions of the agreement may be that Chovdarov will not touch Mahmudov and his entourage, the rest remained in custody for some time, and then free to be done:

“It simply came to our notice then free making accelerated. A typical example is the activities of Nizami Shirinov, the head of the Military Counterintelligence Department Azerbaijan It was possible to disband the army. In particular, the spies stationed in the army by foreign countries ruined the Navy, or the “Tartar affair” was committed by the same people. “

Well political why the government does not take action? According to the political scientist, there are several possibilities:

“First, this group has taken control of the country’s key institutions to such an extent that political the government is helpless in the face of this. In fact, they dictate the terms, and as a result, the government is forced to come to terms with them. It seems that the government has lost control of the country and the process is controlled by the will of criminal gangs. Secondly, it is possible that there will be some changes in the upper echelons of government.

“First, this group has taken so much control of the country’s key institutions that the political authorities are powerless in the face of it. In fact, they dictate the terms, and as a result, the government is forced to come to terms with them. It seems that the government has lost control of the country and the process is controlled by the will of criminal gangs. Secondly, it is possible that there will be some changes in the upper echelons of government.

Arastun Orujlu says that there is resistance at home, and the struggle is intensifying, perhaps because the MNS members are being neutralized in this way, or to gain their loyalty. Ilham Aliyev takes these steps. He wants a kind of ceasefire:

“These are just probabilities, but none of them are excluded. The point is that the MNS gang is not only visible, they have collected exposing materials against hundreds of people, involved them in cooperation as an agency, but did not document it. They have established de facto parallel state structures. Another option is that the government is preparing for a very serious clean-up operation inside, trying to neutralize some groups. Therefore, it neutralizes former criminal gangs in this way so that the enemy against it does not expand the circle.

As a result of the operation carried out in the Ministry of National Security on October 17, 2015, Minister Eldar Mahmudov was dismissed free 5 of the ministry general(Akif Chovdarov, Natavan Murvatova, Subahir Gurbanov, Teymur Guliyev and Elchin Guliyev) and 16 other employees of various ranks were detained. Only Natavan Murvatova was under house arrest. Deputy Chief of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the Ministry of National Security, Colonel Ilgar Aliyev, committed suicide in the Baku Pre-Trial Detention Center in December of that year.

2 months after surgery President Ilham Aliyev By signing a decree on the establishment of the State Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service, in fact, it signed the abolition of the MNS as a body.

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