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SpaceX has further increased its market value by acquiring new investments

As part of the next round of funding SpaceX company $ 1.68 billion attracted investment. This is slightly lower than the amount originally planned by the company. However, the market value of SpaceX 125 billion dollars rose. According to the report, SpaceX sold its shares to a group of 74 investors. First of all, the company is currently in the current investment round $ 1.72 billion planned to get an investment. However, thanks to new investments, the company has increased its market value to $ 125 billion.

It should be noted that earlier the market value of the company $ 100 billion constituted. Thanks to the funds received, the company Starlink will be able to continue the implementation of the satellite internet project. It should be noted that the company under this project Of the Earth places small telecommunications satellites in low orbit, and these satellites provide high-speed Internet connectivity. In addition, SpaceX as well Starship continues to work on the rocket. Its first orbital flight test is expected to take place soon.

Azerbaijan news

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