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Tokayev said that Kazakhstan does not consider itself indebted to Russia

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev says in an interview with Russia’s 24 state television that Western sanctions on Moscow have put his country “between two fires”
Kazakh President Kasym-Jomart Tokayev said in an interview with Russia’s 24 state television that Western sanctions on Moscow had put his country “between two fires.”
Tokayev appealed to Greek mythology to express this view, saying that the current situation is like “crossing Skilla and the West.”
The Kazakh president added that his country cooperates with Russia without violating Western sanctions against him:
“It’s a very complex, delicate matter,” he said. It’s like crossing Skilla and Haribda. But we are working with the Russian government, I would say, in an accelerated rhythm, and we are reaching the necessary agreements without violating these sanctions. “
However, Tokayev said that Kazakhstan does not renounce its alliance commitment:
“It simply wouldn’t be right in the long run,” he said. Because I am confident that Russia will overcome the current difficulties. Russia is a big country, a big economy, and the experience of the past proves that Russia works better in extreme conditions.
However, the Kazakh president added that although his country remains committed to economic cooperation, it does not intend to take risks.
“But sanctions are sanctions. We must not violate them. In addition, we are warned that the West may impose “repeated sanctions” on our economy for violating sanctions. “

The CSTO has not fired a single bullet in Kazakhstan
RFE / RL’s Kazakh Service reports that in the interview, the Kazakh president also spoke about the involvement of a contingent of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in connection with the riots in Almaty last January.
According to him, some people in Russia distort the situation, claiming that Russia has “saved” Kazakhstan, and now Kazakhstan must forever serve Russia.
“I think this is completely wrong, far from reality.”
Tokayev said that a very limited CSTO contingent was brought to Kazakhstan during the January events and they did not have to open fire during their stay in Kazakhstan.
Azattyk writes that the CSTO sent 2,000 troops to Kazakhstan in January at Tokayev’s invitation.
Speaking at a CSTO summit in Moscow on May 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the organization had prevented extremists from seizing power in Kazakhstan.
Putin added that extremist forces were allegedly controlled from abroad.
Azattyk writes that the deployment of CSTO troops in Kazakhstan was strongly condemned domestically and internationally.

President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Jomart Tokayev


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