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Turkey is no longer a place to rest …


From June 1, Turkey has seen an increase in the prices of a number of utilities, as well as fuel. Thus, a 30% increase in natural gas used in residential areas, a 40% increase in industrial use, and a 17% increase in natural gas tariffs used in electricity generation.

Electricity tariffs have been increased by 15-25%, and gasoline and diesel prices have also increased.

The impact of these price increases on tourism prices is also interesting.

Agil Agalarov, a correspondent for Shah Travel, said that price increases in Turkey have a direct impact on tour prices:

“Transport prices have increased due to the increase in diesel fuel prices in Turkey during bus tours through Nakhchivan. This has led to an increase in the price of the tour. There is a price increase of at least $ 20-30 on these tours. Even the increase in ticket prices in Nakhchivan has led to an increase in prices to $ 50.

According to Agalarov, the increase in the cost of accommodation in hotels with the increase in utility costs has led to a 25-30% increase in prices for tour packages.

The head of Avantage Travel, Orkhan Mammadli, noted that no increase in tour prices has been observed yet:

“Because the population made reservations earlier than December last year and January this year. However, compared to last year, prices have risen since January this year. The reason for this was the rise in prices in hotels with the depreciation of the Turkish lira. At the beginning of the year, compared to last year, there was a price increase of 30-50%, and in some hotels even higher.

O. Mammadli said that the recent increase in natural gas, electricity and fuel prices in Turkey has not led to an increase in prices: “We will feel the impact of existing decisions on the prices of winter tourism. So far, no significant price increases have been observed in tourism companies, hotels and flights. (

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